New Monogrammed Bedding

I’ve been slowly making changes to my bedroom over the past year or so. I’m so bad at this stuff, so it takes me forever until I feel like things are coming together. You know how on television shows when they have the decorator come in and pull the design together in two hours? That’s the opposite of how I operate! I finally feel like my bedroom is at a good point with everything.

Southern Linen Monogram

I spent hours searching for monogrammed bedding. There are a bunch of options out there, but I just wasn’t in love with what I was seeing. Some of the monogram designs looked cheesy, or they were back ordered until the end of time, or it was thousands of dollars. No thanks.

Then I found Southern Linens on Etsy! I normally wait a few weeks when I find something before I order in case I change my mind. But, I placed my order within an hour of finding it! The applique monogram was exactly what I was looking for.

Carly Heitlinger Dogs

The dogs approve.

Monogrammed Bedding

I also discovered Sara Fitz on Instagram and fell in love with her Nantucket inspired watercolors. She sent me a couple for my bedroom. They’re so perfect for above my bed, and they’re actually what inspired me to go with light blue for my bedding versus my typical navy tendency!

I will say that navy is much easier in terms of making sure accessories match. There are a million shades of light blue out there and when I’m out shopping they all seem like they match until I bring it home, ha. That little pillow on the bed is something I picked up from Target on a whim.

Applique Monogrammed Bedding

The curtains were actually the first “big” change because the shades I had were not cutting it. I picked out these striped drapes, and the best part is that they came with blackout lining. I don’t spend too much time in my bedroom, so I mostly keep them pulled closed. I love how cozy and dark the room is. (The dogs love it too– they go in there when they want a deep snooze.)

I kind of love that my room feels like a summer oasis year round.

I’m anticipating some questions, so I’m just going to answer them here versus waiting in the comments 😉

Where is your quilt from?

I originally bought the quilt on Rue La La years ago, so I don’t know the exact brand. I probably need to get a new one soon because the dogs have accidentally ripped a few holes while playing. Roberta Roller Rabit makes similar looking quilts. And Serena and Lilly have a gorgeous selection too. Love this navy & yellow one, this navy & light blue one, this neutral one, and this blue floral one.

How do you keep your bedding white with dogs?

Whenever the dogs are in bed with me, I pull the quilt all the way up. That way it’s the quilt that takes the beating and not the duvet. The quilt is way easier to toss in the wash than removing the duvet insert and all that. But, I also do frequent washings of the duvet. It doesn’t get that dirty since I have a flat sheet that I sleep underneath and the quilt on top, but I still wash it a couple of times a month.

How do you hang up the hats on your wall?

It’s so easy, I just hammer in some nails and hang the hats on the nails! Couldn’t be easier.

Where is everything from?

Bed: Macy’s

Bedding: Southern Linen

Curtains: Pottery Barn

Little Pillow: Target

Nantucket Watercolor Prints: Sara Fitz (c/o)

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I love it! The light blue theme is so calming.

A tip for the hat wall: Use small Command hooks to get the same look without putting nail holes in the wall!

Becky H

I am a total Command hook junkie! I use them for my hats, keys, the picture strips for hanging photos and art, etc. Such a game changer, and I don’t have to worry about damage charges, since I’m an apartment dweller!


Love it all! I am huge fan of navy myself and tend to stick to that color in my decor and wardrobe. The light blue however really gives the room a more light feminine touch to it. 🙂

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls

What a beautiful bedroom! My first thought was how does she do white bedding with dogs!?! I purposely bought a paisley pattern to hide any doggie damage for our room. But this would be my dream room if I could get away with it! Something about white bedding that looks so inviting.


Your bedroom came out so beautiful! I love the light blue and the Nantucket inspired prints!! It looks like a retreat. Great job!

Rachel | Blush on Bluff

OMG I love these. I have also been searching for monogrammed bedding since we got married and I couldn’t find anything I loved enough. I am obsessed with these.. perfect. The watercolor pictures are adorable too!

Brenna Curtin

Hi Carly! I am definitely in need of a new duvet!
Have you washed this one yet?? Im worried about ruining the embroidery….


I think I might order that bedding :). Looking now- do you have the “light blue” font color? Thanks!