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This week was filled with highs and lows. Well, one major low… I had a major back spasm! I pulled my lower back last week while cleaning (ugh) and it felt sore but generally okay this weekend. On Monday, it was starting to spread up my back, and on Tuesday, I could hardly move. I booked an emergency appointment with my chiropractor. She’s seriously a miracle worker. I went back again on Wednesday, and I’m feeling so much better!

I swear my back issues are karmic payback. When I was in elementary school, I was mad at my mom for not being able to come on a field trip due to a bad back. What comes around, goes around I guess!

The good things though:

– Making a batch of zucchini bread! The recipe is coming soon; it’s a Meesh specialty!

– Getting my whole apartment organized.

– I’ve been burning fall candles all day, and I’m feeling the autumn spirit, despite the fact that it’s almost 90 degrees every day.

– I met the co-founders of Margaux!! You guys know how obsessed I am with their ballet flats. It was so great to sit down with them in person. Meeting readers and the people behind my favorite brands are two of my favorite things.

– I also got to meet Sam Heughan. You guys… he’s absolutely charming and adorable in person. (His publicist reads my blog, so I’m just over here waiting for the official intro…… 😂 hahaha. JK, JK.) He designed a collection for Barbour and hosted an event at Macy’s.

Sam Heughan

Full outfit post is coming soon, but a sneak peek here: Shirt // Skirt // Shoes (c/o)

So here’s what’s on my radar for the week:

ONE // 73 Questions with Zac Efron

Vogue’s most recent 73 Questions video was with ZAC EFRON. It’s technically an ad for Google, but I don’t even care because he’s easy to watch no matter what. Love it!

TWO // Everything Bagels with Blueberry Lox

One of my favorite food blogs just did a recipe for homemade bagels and blueberry lox. It seems like a TON of work, but I loved watching the videos and reading the description.

THREE // Halloween Treats

Speaking of food, Williams Sonoma just launched their Halloween treats shop and can I just say… wow. I want everything! Who wants to have a Halloween party?!

FOUR // Dave Crosby on The Voice

You know the dad who plays the guitar and sings with his adorable little daughter? Well, he was on The Voice! Claire makes a cameo and stole the show 100% though.

FIVE // Lisa Kudrow’s Inspirational Speech

Who needs a little inspirational pick-me-up? Lisa Kudrow gave a great commencement speech about her acting journey and why she’s happy it happened the way it did, even if there were some bumps along the road.

SIX // Christmas Sheets

I know, I know it’s a little early for Christmas. However, Pottery Barn’s seasonal sheets tend to sell out by the time December rolls around. Best to stock up on these crazy adorable sheets now.

SEVEN // Velco’s New Campaign

I saved the best for last this week. Velcro just released a new campaign to try to protect their trademark. Honestly, it’s hilarious. I don’t know who came up with it, but I can’t stop watching and laughing.

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I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the Holderness family but the father helped with the creative Velcro campaign! They make hilarious parody videos and post them on their YouTube channels!


I’m glad you’re feeling better.

Ohmylanta – you met Sam! The picture looks great.

I’m very excited to start burning my favorite fall candles.

Happy Friday!


Those sheets! Truth be told, I ordered the throw pillows in this print already… I have a thing for the woody cars for Christmas. I *might* have to consider doing my room for Christmas for those sheets LOL


That Velcro video is hilarious! I took an intellectual property class in law school and my professor would always talk about that kind of stuff. I just sent him the video!


I’m so sorry to hear about your back, but am glad you are doing better!!! I absolutely love your outfit:))

xo, jordan


So sorry to hear about your back! It’s so awful when you have unexpected pain like that. As I’m writing this I’m sitting with my ultra sexy, shoulder shaped heating pad to release some tension that’s been building in my neck. I do acupuncture and yoga which usually helps a lot, but I always have muscle flair ups when the weather changes. Hope it gets better!


That Vecro video – hysterical!

If you haven’t read the Outlander series yet – you should! 800 page books you wish were longer when you get to the end!!! The TV series is amazing too!

Renette Hier

I’m totally obsessed with Outlander, especially Sam Heughan. What a treat for you to meet him!


I always wish the 73 questions videos could be longer but this one in particular I would have liked more of! Also, John Mayer recently tweeted about Velcro shoes and Velcro replied and held a very funny twitter conversation with him – it would give you a laugh!


This is my favorite part of your blog! It’s so thoughtful, and original. Thank you for always thinking about what your readers actually want to read. I’m constantly turned off by sponsored posts that are consistently posted by big bloggers, thank you for keeping it fresh and authentic, Carly!