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It’s so, so true what they say. When it rains, it pours. Literally and figuratively this past week. I had a couple of big things on my plate and it was so rainy and dark outside. Recipe for a disaster when it comes to moods!
Also, working from home can be crazy lonely, especially when I can’t spend time outside with Teddy in the afternoon. I think I had quite the case of cabin fever. New playlist to the rescue. 
(Just a side note: my absolute favorite playlist to listen to on Spotify is Afternoon Acoustic. So good for getting work done.)
You can find the playlist below or here on Spotify. There’s a little bit of everything. Not sure what I was going for at all, but all the songs are ones that I just love to listen to. New and old. It’s also just over an hour which makes it the perfect playlist when you need a power hour of motivation!

Any song you’re loving as of late? Always looking for new ones!

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You have awesome taste in music! I love fifth harmony's new song "work from home" it's so catchy 🙂

Edye //