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I don’t know when it became so hard to find simple and classic bags but it has. When I think back to some of the bags I spent a lot of money on, almost all of them don’t hold up style-wise throughout the years. I am loving Coach’s selection right now. Classic beauties.
Actually a few of my super special memories are rooted in Coach. When my grandmother passed away, my mom helped clean out her house. She found a beautiful Coach crossbody that my grandma must have had since the 80s! I don’t wear it a lot (it still smells like her and I’m afraid that carrying it too much will mean her smell goes away!), but it is just as gorgeous as the day she bought it.
When I was born in the 1989, the options for diaper bags were extremely limited. My mom did not want to carry a quilted bag with cartoons on it so she did what any chic mom would do: invest in a Coach bucket bag. She still has it too!
Like grandmother like mother like daughter, my first big purchase was a Coach hobo bag. It was a lot of babysitting money for an eighth grader, but I absolutely loved it. It was worth every penny. 
I’m loving the classic Coach bags that are available now. Most are well-loved designs from the past with modern touches. My favorites:

I particularly love the shape and size of the crossbody bags, but I would have no idea which color to pick. They’re all too cute.

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PS A little unrelated to the handbags, but I’m absolutely lusting over these scalloped flats! Absolutely gorgeous.

PPS My mom found a picture of the diaper bag back in its glory days. Is she chic or what? Even surrounded by kids at Disney World! (My sister and I are in the Daisy Duck hats, of course.)

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I am SO happy with the new direction Coach is taking, and included one in a look at crossbody bags on my blog today too.

Working there was one of my first jobs in high school (many moons ago) and both my mom and I still have bags that we bought during that time. They last forever.

Laura | Surf & Hydrangeas


I work at one of the Coach outlets- loving the classic approach they're taking… and of course swooning over all of the retail bags 🙂

Tracy Heather

I never thought a post about bags would make me cry; however there is a first for everything. First in 1987 my mother used the same diaper bag as your mom. She refused to carry anything else. My sister and I still have that bag along with the 4 other Coach bags my mother owned. Recently we went through two unopened boxes of her stuff and I found her favorite red leather change purse. It smelled like her and even had a piece of her hair stuck in it. This post brought back so many memories. And I lovd the direction they are headed in! May have to be a birthday present this year to myself!

Jordyn Upchurch

I have always loved coach's leather products (not so much the printed ones!) because they are so timeless. My mother-in-law bought me the most perfect neutral clutch and I absolutely love it. Looking at your picks-I think that navy cross body is added to my must have list!

xoxo, SS

The Southern Stylista