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The highlight of my week was live-modeling for one of Inslee’s watercolor class. We partnered with Kate Spade so I got to wear gorgeous Kate Spade head to toe. (The bow blouse that I posted earlier this week, this gorgeous floral skirt, and these shoes I posted this winter.)
I was arguably the worst model ever; it was way more challenging than I expected. The hardest part besides awkwardly “striking poses” for everyone to draw was having lots of eyes on me. There was a solid fifteen seconds where I thought I was going to go into full-blown stage fright mode. Ended up being a lot of fun once I just laughed off the awkwardness and the class was unbelievably talented. Some of the girls had never done anything like this before and the final pieces looked like professional works of art.
The rest of the week was pretty standard albeit incredibly rainy and windy! Wellies were necessary! 
I love that Tommy Hilfiger has partnered with Runway of Dreams to create a line of adaptive clothing for children with disabilities. You really have to watch the Runway of Dreams video where they talk more about the line and the importance of it. (It’s six and a half minutes but so worth it.)

TWO // Cutest House in Georgetown for Sale

One of the best parts of going to Georgetown was being able to live in a stunning, historic neighborhood. The worst part is living in a stunning, historic neighborhood when you’re 18 and knowing that you can’t afford to live there in the real world. Ha! I used to walk around the cobblestone streets and dreaming of which house I’d want to live in. I always liked the tiny houses smooshed between bigger ones. This tiny house is for sale and I have to say, it’s incredibly tempting.

THREE // How People Learn To Become Resilient 

A great, relatively easy read about resiliency. I think resiliency is a really powerful character trait. I loved the question the article posed: “Do you succumb or do you surmount?”

FOUR // Undeveloped WWII Film Discovered

This video is unreal. Can you imagine being the first person to see these incredible photos? It’s also crazy how the film is so old and can’t be developed, but with simple technology he’s able to bring the photos to life.

FIVE // First Monday in May Trailer

OMG. I cannot wait for this new documentary about the Met Ball! It looks so, so good. I actually got goosebumps at one point while watching the trailer. Also, Anna Wintour. She’s the ultimate. 

Anything good on your radar this week?

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On My Radar

This week, I packed it all in. I felt stronger during yoga classes, squeezed in an upcoming shoot for a campaign, had a couple of friend dates, and (get ready for it…), passed my scuba exam!

Garrett convinced me to take a scuba course with him. It was challenging in a great way. If you’re in the NYC area, I can’t recommend Oceanblue Divers enough. The course is super thorough so it’s a little bit of a time commitment, but you really feel confident at the end. We split the course between classroom lectures (only three of us!) and pool sessions. I only panicked once, haha, when I had to take my mask off in the water for the first time. I was nervous for the exam, but passed! I’m nervous-excited to go scuba diving for real. We’re going on a dive trip with Oceanblue the very end of September so we can get our open water certification done– bah! Any other scuba divers out there?!

On my radar… 

ONE // The “Jazzy 90s” Design 

I don’t know why but I found this article about the search for the artist behind the “Jazz” print hilarious and entertaining. It’s a print that’s so, so familiar! After reading this and learning who designed it and the story behind it, it makes me wonder about other things that are so recognizable but the story is unknown!

TWO // Pop 101

Want to know how make a pop song extra catchy? Watch this video! It’s too spot on…

THREE // Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals

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Are we all in agreement that Lilly Pulitzer is killing it this year?! I can’t resist it right now… and my closet is getting more and more colorful by the minute! I’m lusting over this shift dress and this tasseled cover up!

FOUR // The Perfect Road Trip

love a good road trip. After coming back from Alaska, I’ve been itching to plan another fun trip. I think a road trip across America would be amazing. Like RV and everything. This map is apparently the most perfect road trip, scientifically speaking… and you can start in any state!

FIVE // Birthday Party Inclusion

My favorite thing that I saw online this week was hands down this birthday party invitation. I’m all about inclusion and I think this is the best example of it. 

What’s been on your radar this week?

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Congrats! That's a huge step!! I grew up with a family that loves to dive so I learned young. I'll let you know that if you loved the pool aspect you're going to be blown away by open water. There's so much more to see and it all seems to be SO colorful and different. I never want to come back up.
Can't wait to hear more when you go out!


Taking my mask off in the pool freaked me out beyond belief. I was around 13 when I got certified and my dive buddy was 9-ish and had to lead me around the pool, I felt so bad for her having to deal with me. But since then I have never had to take off my mask again. The keys are a beautiful place to dive and so is Cozumel. If you're ever around SC and looking for a adventurous dive it's Cooper River hands down!

Katie M

Congrats on your scuba exam! Lilly has been killing it this year (aka I'm spending all my money there)! I love that birthday party inclusion, so sweet!



So funny that you just passed your scuba diving certification, I just passed my advanced open water yesterday! Glad you had a good experience; my family just did a road trip down to Key Largo for diving, it was a great time.
Wrote a quick post about diving tips and tricks for the not so used to being outdoors-y on my blog as well!




On My Radar

What a week! After two weeks of feeling a little “off,” I was insanely relieved to have had a great start on Monday. I definitely think you can recover from a rough start, but there truly is nothing greater than getting off on the right foot from the very beginning.
I was meeting with the Henri Bendel team early Monday morning with Teddy in tow. He is a wild puppy in the morning so instead of cabbing from the UES to the store, we walked. The perfect morning for a 40 minute walk and Teddy was tired out in the best possible way all day. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Meet and Greet…. all pups are welcome! I worked for a while during the day and then headed to Brooklyn to tour the J. McLaughlin headquarters and factory. I had no idea they produced a lot of their inventory right here in New York!

On Tuesday night, I attended the US launch of Jack’s book Rowing Blazers at the new Ralph Lauren store in Manhattan. It was SO much fun and a serious collision of my worlds…. Lots of many familiar faces between rowing friends, Georgetown friends, NYC friends, and blogger friends. It was great. So proud of Jack!!! (Plus, I loved having an excuse to pull out my Georgetown blazer!)
Garrett and I rented a car on Wednesday and headed down to Cape May in New Jersey to stay at the Virginia Hotel. It’s been an amazing little getaway so far and can’t wait to share more photos. Honestly, it’s the quaintest beach town I’ve ever seen. For now, you can get some sneak peeks on my Instagram and the GIF below………
 photo Cape-May_zps63792898.gif
Now, onto my radar for the week:
I mean. It’s Lauren. Conrad. She might not have gone to Paris that one time with Teen Vogue, but she has certainly grown up. (Isn’t it crazy to remember her Laguna Beach days?) I love everything she does… including how she decorates. Oh, how I dream of having a space like that one day!

TWO // The Silver Star

So the truth is, I bought this book and was quite excited to read it. It only took three days to read it and I even stayed up late because I wanted to read it. I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy reading it, but it wasn’t the best story. I am a big fan of Jeanette Walls’ memoir The Glass Castle, which was a summer reading book for one of my high school classes. Thematically, the two books were very similar (although The Silver Star is technically fictional), with negligent to the point of abuse mothers. This lead me to Google Jeanette Walls. Besides the memoir of her childhood, I didn’t know where she was now. This NY Times article on the author is very interesting. Sad, intriguing, and quite enlightening, it sheds truth on how much Jeanette’s past impacts not only her writing, but also her present.

THREE // Dog Gets Massage

I’ve been getting massages at least every two weeks. (If I’m being honest with myself… I pretty much go every 10 days… whoops.) This video is TOO FUNNY. Please note, you have to listen with the sound turned on. I die of laughter every time I hear it…. and if you love dog videos, here are more of my favorites.

FOUR // Pumpkin Chai Cronut

Well, I guess if it’s officially fall…. I can officially start getting excited about pumpkin flavored things. I don’t like the Pumpkin Spice Latte (the color of the liquid is a serious turn off for me), but pumpkin muffins, pancakes, lemonade (seriously, so good), bread are all good by me. Now get ready for PUMPKIN CHAI CRONUTS. Okay, okay Dominique Ansel, I will wait in line again for another cronut. In all fairness, standing in line for the cronut last summer was literally so much fun.

FIVE // Minnie Pants

I’ve always loved my minnie pants, but I haven’t worn them in forever. During my most recent closet organization session, I rediscovered them. It’s already been getting pretty cold in the city and I tend to go for my favorite pairs of jeans every day. However, the Minnie pants have made a full recovery and they are officially back into my pants rotation. They’re really as great as I remember.

Anything good on your radar this week?

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The fact that Pumpkin Spice lattes are back and it is officially fall makes me over the moon! Cannot wait for the weather to get crisper and the leaves to start changing colors 🙂

Annie Belle

Kaitlin Olivero

I love LC, too! She is a classy broad. I've also been wanting to try the Minnie Pants, I think you just convinced me 🙂 Enjoy your trip (that gif is priceless)!!!

Kaitlin ||


I'm obsessed with the Minnie pant. I have them in navy, pinot noir, and willoughby pine. I love wearing them to work every week!


Cape May is really lovely. I used to go there with my parents when I was younger. If you're ever in NJ, consider going to Avalon/Stone Harbor. Beautiful beaches and the cutest shops!