New Venture!

I’m excited to be able to finally announce this endeavor I’ve been pursuing…
Hand modeling!

April Fools! 😉 Sorry, just couldn’t resist.


PS I’m obsessed with reading everybody’s answers. Yesterday was a busy day, but I was reading all the comments on my phone. It was cool to see people giving advice and encouragement to other girls and commenting saying they’re from the same area. #toocool

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BEST! hahah It's awesome you can make light of a crappy person/comment (people, I'm sure).

As always, you're an inspiration 🙂


Wow…way to be the bigger person, Carly. Going on and on about one silly negative comment just makes you look petty. What she said wasn't nice, but your reaction was worse. Next time, just ignore it and go on "living your dreams."

indian sundance

Cool, Carly – bringing it back around to your catty tweet from last week. For someone who campaigns to end bullying and ban "bossy" you sure don't seem to understand that actions speak louder than words. Aren't you 24? You should be above this, but no… you're just a snot. I'm ashamed to say I ever thought we were likeminded. Officially done following you.

Natalie Patalie

Wow, you can't just let it go? You shouldn't have even commented on it in the first place. Are we still in highschool or something over here?

Emily Herrmann

In my opinion, it has nothing to do with being positive or negative. Instead, a lot of people were unhappy with how this was handled because we think that Carly used her blogging power to humiliate someone. Though the original Instagram comment was horrible and immature, I truly think Carly's response is considered bullying. As her readers, it's more than reasonable to point this out.

Kaylen Kennedy

I believe that the responses from this immature act are not impolite, they are the truth, something Carly seems to hide from, but desperately needs to accept.


Not classy, Carly, and very disappointing behavior from you. As much as the comment may have stung, I think it's time that you give it a rest and get over it. Be an adult and move on with grace.

jordan nicole

While I agree the the original comment was rude and uncalled for, so was your tweet and this post. You have such a large platform and to use that to "call someone out" seems catty. You're the adult in this situation.

Meret Nahas

Carly, I have tried to be a faithful follower, but this is the final straw. Sadly, this post speaks to your lack of maturity and inability to practice what you preach.



Honestly, Carly? If you had read the comments on your "Meet and Greet" post yesterday, you would see that most of your readers are a bit younger than you. Some of us are in college, and many are still in high school. These girls aspire to live a life something like your own, so they take your advice on everything from style, to organization, to interpersonal relationships. I hope most of your readers have the common sense not to follow your example of using social media platforms to passive aggressively take somebody down. Ban Bossy? Positive Vibes? In the future, please practice what you preach.


Wow Carly. One would think that you would want to be a good example for your readers, most of whom are several years younger than you. But this passive aggressive bullying of a girl over one rude comment? It shows that you are just as immature, if not more so, than your young readers.

Jane K

This is ridiculous Carly, nobody forced you into running your own "business", you made that decision and you can't seem to handle the criticism that comes along with it. I have read for some time now, and have been waiting for you to finally realize criticism can help you if you let it help you, but that has yet to happen. You instead publicly mock and belittle your young readers, what an inspiration you are. Whatever dream you are living I don't want to even know about.


You REALLY need to grow up. How old are you again? Yes, the other person could have been more tactful in saying what she wanted to say but what you did was downright RUDE and for someone who's always preaching about building each other up, #banbossy, #leanin, etc. you look like a total hypocrite right now, not to mention a huge asshole. You need to step back from this and start doing some damage control. You say that the things people write about you on GOMI are all lies but it's hard to argue with their critiques when you pull stunts like this (and the Twitter thing).

andriana diego

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