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I’ve followed the New York Times on Twitter for a long while at this point. And I get the daily morning emails. The stories have always seemed interesting to me and I would click over a couple of times a day. But… for some reason, I’ve recently become obsessed with NYT.
I probably spend an hour or an hour and a half a day reading sections of it throughout the day. A story here, a video there, another story here, another one there. I tend to get sucked into the Times. Clicking over for one thing and looking up at the clock and thirty minutes have gone by.
Reading the newspaper has sort of appealed to me and there have been times in my life when I liked it more than other times. (When I was in middle and high school, I would flip through the newspaper while eating breakfast before school. But in college, it was “required” for many of my classes each semester and I resented that!)
To be honest, for every real news story I read, I tend to read about five more lifestyle pieces. They’re just so interesting and the NYT is obviously amazing at writing great pieces.
Somedays, when I know I have some free time, I’ll buy an actual newspaper to read, but for the most part, I’m clicking through on Twitter. (100% recommend following @NYTimes on Twitter! It’s my favorite account.)
The videos are also really well done too. They’re kind of like mini-documentaries so, of course, I’m in love! Sometimes when I can’t fall asleep at night, I’ll go through their Twitter feed and read and watch basically everything. Kind of bad for my sleep patterns, but I can’t help myself!
A few things that I read or watched recently that I really liked:
The Cookie Dough Oreo // Garrett and I went on a hunt to find these for a while. (They weren’t in every store in NYC from what we could tell.) Once we finally found them… we found the taste to be good, but not cookie dough. (I thought they tasted more like coffee… so I loved it ha!) This article is so interesting as it goes into what’s actually in it and the psychology of why consumers do or don’t like imitation– what it takes to get them to “accept” the flavor.
Can We Learn About Privacy From Porn Stars? // I don’t know why, but I’ve been fascinated by this Duke porn star story. While I was at Georgetown, I remember that there was a girl involved in a similar thing but it was kind of swept under the rug by the university. It’s been interesting to see how five yearsish and the rise of social media has given a new voice to these types of issues. Plus, the idea of privacy in a digital age is also just an interesting topic and concern in and of itself.
Buried By His Past // Walking around the city, sometimes I look up at apartment buildings and wonder what’s inside. Normal windows that frame grand pianos and artwork that are valued higher than I’ll probably make in my lifetime. Crowded rooms and lofts and makeshift beds on couches that house Broadway hopefuls. Crying babies and new lovers. As you walk down one street, you’re only a couple of layers away from hundreds of lives and livelihoods. It’s kind of intriguing and I often spend time guessing what every apartment holds. This story was particularly sad. A disease combined with a glamorous, but lonely, childhood.
The Trial That Unleashed Hysteria Over Child Abuse // A captivating story about media influence and panicked parents and the consequences on the legal system. The video is a cross between a Law and Order SVU episode and a news story. Hindsight is 20/20 of course, but it’s crazy to see how one allegation can spiral into an absolute uproar!
The Men of Atalissa // Another abuse story, but with adults. And a real abuse story. Gosh, this was hard to watch honestly. So. Sad.

“Chinese on the Inside” // I watched this during a crazy long, trafficky cab ride. It’s a tiny glimpse into one type of “new” American family… and what it means from a cultural perspective generationally. Personally, my family has such mixed backgrounds, I don’t really know anything about where I come from. This video made me think about researching more into that.
The Story Behind the SAT Overhaul  // Taking the SAT in high school was such an obnoxious rite of passage. As someone who has terrible test anxiety, I studied extra hard with a private tutor two nights a week for months and months and months. I didn’t do amazingly on the test, but I would definitely had done worse if I hadn’t had the tutor. The tutor was absolutely an advantage that I had over other students, and I would definitely agree that there’s an inherent unfairness about that. I got by on the test by memorizing tricks and shortcuts and specific vocabulary (like “harbinger” which was on EVERY single test).  
Those are just a few of the stories that particularly interested me over the past few days… Anyone else obsessed with the New York Times? Or have another favorite publication? 

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Dani Fairbairn

I will definitely have to check out the NYT more. These articles all sound so interesting. I read heskimm every morning to get all my news! It's perfect for days when you don't have time to sit and read the newspaper


I'm more of a Wall Street Journal kind of gal, but that might be the law student in me! We were getting it delivered in print, which I loved, but cancelled it in the process of moving and haven't started it again. Glad I'm not the only millennial still reading the paper.

Andrea Ruiz

Thanks for all the stories, now I know what you mean by browsing the NYT for hours! I've always wanted to have the habit of reading the newspaper but it has never grown on me. I do promise to try again with Der Spiegel (German newspaper)

I was shocked by the Mens of Atalissa story, I can't believe people are capable of such horrible acts, abusing mentally handicapped people to make their pockets heavier.
Thanks for opening our eyes to what's going on in the world!
Andy from Savor Each Bite


You should definitely check out the Times' video series by Bill Cunningham (and his documentary on Netflix, too!) !