New Yorker with a Dream

I’ve officially become one of “those” New Yorkers. You know, the ones with lofty dreams and enough ambition to fuel a jet. And a headshot? Yes. This is happening to me. It seems only fitting that I’ve been in the city for just about a year and recently celebrated my 24th birthday.
I’m ready for a clean slate and a blank journal.
Honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve had this clear of a goal and a mission. And even though I’m scared out of my mind (and may or may not have had a panic attack on the subway), I’m so excited!
Having amazing friends in the city right by my side and having a super supportive family (200%!) doesn’t hurt.
Family, friends, and a little bit of elbow grease.
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Amy Heunisch

Love love LOVE the topknot headshot! Of course, you look beautiful in all of them but the topknot one is so "now".

I can't wait to see what is next for you! I have been a reader for years and I keep coming back because you are so inspiring and your content is so relevant to life for twnety-somethings. Thank you for being you!

xx, Amy

Jamee Blink

So so so thrilled for your next chapter! I've been reading TCP for years, and I don't think I could be any more excited to see what you've concocted. You work harder than anyone I know, and you deserve to reap what you have sown for so long. My grandmother always told me to show my blessings in my eyes. Look at your eyes! You're letting those blessings shine, girlfriend! Cheers to your clean slate!



Okay so I don't know if I've ever commented on a blog post of yours before, but I am a dedicated reader (I check TCP at least once a day!) and I just wanted to wish you the BEST of luck in whatever dreams you have – you've often inspired me to live my dreams and I know you will have success in yours. Also, your headshot is unreal – those eyes! Thanks for everything. xo, Emma


WOW stunning shots Carly! I've never commented on a blog post before, but TCP is my home page I check it constantly! Incredible photos, they make me so happy to see!

Best, Ellen (@ellsbeautybuzz)

Molly Gunson

I already told you (via Twitter) that I love this shot of you. You, Carly, are über (is that a cliché term?) inspirational to many women, myself included. I dream of living in the city 5 years from now, focused on my career. Your blog posts keep me striving to reach my goals and I thank you for that oomph you've given me. I look forward to more posts!

Molly Gunson


The photos are absolutely stunning! Do you carry all your shoulder bags on the right? I do and when I got visa pictures done, the lady had to come over and push my right shoulder down so my shoulders wouldn't be lopsided in the picture!