Loafers for Fall

Oh man, oh man. I cannot wait to start wearing loafers again. I’ve been super into ballet flats (Cece flats from J. Crew are the best), but I think loafers are just the cutest. I mean, Nancy Drew was like my childhood hero. Naturally, I love a good loafer.
I have a couple of basic loafers that are in storage right now, but it seems like brands are coming out with fun loafers. I love the modern twists on the classic. Best of both worlds? Sign me up.
I matched some of the skirts I have my eyes on with a pair of loafers. I’d like one of each.
Grab those lucky pennies of yours and you are on your way.
What do you think of the modern take on the classic penny loafer?

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Yes yes yes a world of yes! I started wearing loafers at work to try and make my uniform a bit more elegant and have completely fell in love. They've officially replaced oxfords as my go to fall shoe.


I also love loafers, and ballerines, of course. I only think that we have to be carefuk when matching loafer and some kind of skirts so don't end up looking as a school girls. Unless you are a school girl, then knock yourself out! 🙂