What Does Your Starbucks Drink Say About You?

This is one of my favorite Levo League articles. Mostly because it seriously cracks me up.
The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back in action. (Personally, I think it tastes okay… but I just can’t do it because of the color. Yuck.)
We took some favorite Starbucks drinks and ran a (obviously extremely scientific) personality test to figure out what your Starbucks drink of choice says about you.

I am most certainly a regular coffee.
What’s your drink of choice?

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Oh my goodness, it was spot on. Chai Tea all the way, oddly I even earned the nick name in my college dorm for being so over prepared.


This is so funny to me! I always get iced coffee, and the iced coffee description was PERFECT. I never really buy into these things, but maybe this one was more "scientific" than I thought.


Everyone needs to check this out! Omg! Just discovered it recently! It's called the secret stabucks menu! I called the headquarters and a couple other stabucks local and they all said that if you provide the ingredient list (not the actual ingredients) then starbucks can make it for you! I am definitely going to try it soon! here's the website: . They even have like secret sizes that starbucks has, but they do not display, but they have it on their registers!

xo, Abigail


Absolutely love this article, so true! My friends and I have been passing it around to everyoneee! Thanks for posting!
xo Tia

Elizabeth Ramsey

Try your regular black coffee (my drink of choice too!) with one pump of pumpkin spice syrup. Nice pumpkin flavor without being overly sweet or a strange color. Smells and tastes like fall!