Nook Case Cover Tutorial

As you may know, I recently purchased a Nook (the Barnes and Noble E-reader) and LOVE it. Currently, I have a boring plain case to protect it. I am, of course, waiting to get a Lilly Pulitzer one… [Soccer Mom: My birthday is in about a month, wink wink 😉 ]
Well, while I wait, I thought I should put my crafting skills to good use and make a slipcover for the case!

I was originally trying to make an entirely new case, but the one I have is perfect, safe, and proven to be able to protect my Nook… it just needs some color!!! I settled on the idea of a slipcover because it’s easy to change out and frankly, easy to make. It’s just like those paper bag book covers we used to use in middle school! Except made of cute fabric!

Want to see how I did it? Here we go, let the tutorial begin! [If you’re not interested in the tutorial, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to see more pictures of finished products!]

Begin by tracing the cover with a pencil on the reverse side of the fabric. Give yourself at least three inches around each side to work with for the folding parts.

With a ruler, draw a line where you want the width of the “book cover flap” to be on both the left and right side. Again, draw lines above and below the edge of the nook about an inch away. This will be the edge, which you will eventually fold over.

Then, cut the excess fabric. Cut the top and bottom on the latest pencil line. Cut the sides a little bit away (3/4 of an inch should be plenty) from the last pencil line on the sides. The rough edges will all eventually be folded into the piece so you’ll have clean lines, so don’t worry about fraying.

You’re going to want to iron the edges of the fabric on every pencil line you drew. The pencil lines are on the reverse side, so take caution that you’re lining the fold up perfectly. Be precise, as these creases will dictate the shape (and fit) of your cover.

These creases will show you exactly where to fold the fabric before sewing.

Lay your case on top of the fabric, lining it up with the original lines from tracing. You can start to see (with the help of the creases) how it will all fold up to be the cover.

The first bit of sewing is going to be to make the clean edges of Left and Right sides (the outermost creases). Fold them over and run it along the sewing machine as if you were hemming an article of clothing.

Once you have the two “hems” on the Left and the Right, you can start to form the corners! Only do one side first, this will be the back of the cover. (You’ll want the space to decorate the front if wanted!)

This is what you want the corner to look like:
The top edge is folded down, and then the side if folded over.

Each corner receives one zip of sewing from the machine. Make sure you’re sewing the side to the top, but underneath. I don’t think that makes any sense. But, play around with it. Imagine places being sewn until you know the proper place.

Here the corner is sewn. You’re going to fold back to the right side out position. Put your index finger on the edge right where you finished sewing, and push the corner in until it’s all flipped the right way.

Call in for Soccer Mom backup when the bobbin runs out.

Soccer Mom to the rescue!

Repeat on the same side, but the bottom this time.

I know I said to do the back side first, but since my fabric pattern is the same no matter what direction you turn it, I just flipped it 180 degrees and made the two finished corners the back!

Now for the decorating (aka the FUN part!)

I made a seersucker Yo-Yo (written instructions HERE and a video tutorial coming soon!) And marked where I wanted to sew it on with an x. Okay, it’s not exactly the same thing as a Yo-Yo (that’s when you do roughly the same thing but with a circle), but it’s cuter.

I used an index card to help me figure out the spacing of my letters.Here the cover is with the pencil markings for the Yo-Yo and the pencil markings for the phrase.Using a hoop, I embroidered the letters with white embroidery floss (only 4 of the 6 strings).Finish the embroidery, sew on the Yo-Yo and button, and finish off the last two corners… and you have yourself a finished slipcover!
The polka dot was actually the second one I made… I love the first one I sewed too, but it served as a protocol for the polka dot!
The possibilities are ENDLESS!


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Tricky Vicky

so cute and creative!!!

i love the embroidery and cute seersucker thing


Tricky Vicky


So cute, unfortunately I have no knack for sewing, I wish I did, seems like there are so many cute things you can do with it.


this is so smart! I just got a nook color and there are not any kate spade cases yet! I just bought a plain pink one but now am inspired to try a cover myself! Thanks


These are so cute 🙂 I just bought a e reader and didnt want to spend $40 on a good one. So i think i will make a homeade one and i will probaly only spend $20