It’s no secret that I love my Longchamp! I bought it on a trip to visit my best friend Colie Bolie in Boston and I have never looked back.
I’ve done this post I think before with my purse (definitely with my coxswain bag), but I thought I would do this one COMPLETELY uncensored. Like, I dumped my purse onto my bed, did some editorial arranging so the picture wasn’t just of a pile, and then snapped a shot.

So what’s in my Longchamp? Take a peak:

  • Bank of America receipt
  • Ray Ban aviators
  • Flip camcorder
  • Just Madras coin purse (LOVING this right now!!!)
  • Car & house keys
  • A postcard from Germany that California Funk sent me- not sure how this ended up in my purse! haha
  • Digital camera
  • Vineyards Vine clutch- I use this for added storage and organization
  • Lilly Pulitzer card holder
  • Tickets to the Rays game I went to
  • A spare house key (not sure about this one either!)
  • And a random index card
So that’s my Longchamp uncensored post.


PS Only a little bit of time left in the GIVEAWAY!

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So I recently got one of these amazing bags, and I'm wondering if you use one of those rectangular, leather thingies that sit in the bottom of your bag to help it keep its shape?

Manatee's Headband

Hello! I've been following your blog for a while now, and I just wanted to stop by to say hey : )

I love my Flip too! Do you know how to take the batteries out? For the life of me, I don't remember how to do this.

ps~ I would blur your address if I were you. Don't want any creepers out there knowing where you live.


How are you so neat. If I just dumped one of my purses out it would be a mess of reciepts candy wrappers, god knows what. I think this has officially inspired me to be more organized with my purses.


Longchamp bag looks so nice, especially for school and traveling. I'm currently bidding on a large, red one on eBay since they don't sell them in Norway.

Gloria Stephany

Lol, I love this post! My lilac Longchamp pretty much has most of the same things except I just lost my Ray Bans :o(

Also I was wondering, how do you clean your Longchamp? I have a big navy blue one and it's fine, but the smaller ones I have in lighter colors have little stains on them.