I love to read. I’m not an avid reader during the school year, but I manage to get through a few pleasure books a semester. I always have a pleasure book thrown in my backpack or Longchamp for any unexpected waits. As some of you readers know, I have this issue about punctuality; I am obsessed with being on time. Usually this means that I end up being a smidge too early and will read about 10 or 15 pages.

I also like to eat alone… I know, I know, some people find it odd, but whatevs. I love catching up on reading while eating breakfast, lunch or dinner. I don’t allow myself to feel guilty for not studying though… It’s good to take a break from boring lecture notes and dense textbooks!

So this past weekend, I was coxing a boat at IRAs (more to come on that!) and I packed a book that I’ve been working on for a month or so (Testimony… it was okay btw). It was perfect because I had about fifty pages left… or so I thought. I ended up having four pages of book, ten pages of book club questions, and a chunk of an excerpt for another book. College Prepster was NOT happy.

Since I’ve been going back and forth from the boathouse so much– and practicing a million times a day– Barnes and Noble has become my second home. After two weeks of reading through magazines, skimming new books, and people watching, I started liking the idea of getting a Nook: the B&N e-reader. [Credit to B&N: GREAT marketing strategy!!!] They had a kiosk set up right in the front of the store with someone answering questions and a video was on repeat upstairs.

After the whole, oh-I-realize-I-don’t-have-anything-to-read incident this weekend, I decided it was time to take the plunge into e-readers.

After lots and lots of internet research, I settled on the Nook.

What I like about it so far:

  • You get a $50 dollar gift card to start your collection
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Touch screen navigation
  • Room for more space (with an SD card)
  • PDFs can be downloaded- perfect for class!!!
Right now, I have a plain black protective case/cover thingamajig… But I am LOVING the covers designed by Kate Spade. My favorite:

And the inside: (LOVE the red!)
Unfortunately, it’s a whopping $85… I guess I’ll wait until my birthday for this one! haha

Already have a case but want to jazz up your Nook? Customize your own “skin” for it from

Here’s one I played around with:
The front

The back (with my monogram, of course).

Etsy also has a bunch of cases/covers/holders/pouches. Just search Nook Covers or Cases.



PS Please let me know your top summer reading books! I need to build my library up a bit!

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I love that skin it! can you tell me how you got that pic to customize it ? If you don't mind, I want to steal that idea… my phone is terribly boring. Thank you!!


reading is always the best you can do 🙂
but … I think it's better to buy real books and building a nice libary at home. people who have books at home (lot of) send also a signal that they are educated.
this e-book thing is not my world. I want to have a real book in my hands, where I can thumb through the book.


Your skinit is so cute! Could you tell me where you got the pictures to customize it? That is such a great idea. I tried to do it with some Lilly prints, but sadly they looked a bit young for me to carry around. The one you found looks perfect! Please let me know, college prepster…and keep up the great work. Your blog is fabulous <3 .


Just to let you know! I work at BN and there will be a Lilly cover very soon! I also love the Kate Spade but my manager told me that Lilly is on order!


Super cute blog! I was actually researching some info for updating a post I did this morning on my blog about Lilly Pulitzer and the nook and came across yours! =) Looks like we both have a love for our nook and all things Pink & Green! Good choice to go with the nook – I have a couple of posts on it on my website if you want to read about my accessorizing love of the nook!
*new follower*