The sun is not my friend. I have been oh-so-blessed with painfully pale skin. Sporty Sister? Tan. Soccer Dad? Tan. Soccer Mom? Tan. College Prepster? NOT TAN.

After spending a million hours in the sun this weekend at a regatta, I have layers of tan lines. Or should I say burn lines.

The first thing I picked up at the grocery store while shopping for dinner? Lotion to calm my FLAMING skin. I get so overwhelmed by the many options, but I was struck by the design of this one.

This lotion is amazing!!! Here is the Aveeno link for it. It smells so wonderful and does not irritate my skin. (Did I mention that in addition to my fairness, I also have super-sensitive skin???) In fact, this is completely soothing. In every way possible.


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there's this lotion from the true blue spa line at bath and body works. its called "hold it right there" and when i get moderately burnt, if i put it on before bed im tan in the morning and if i get burnt pretty bad (aka i spent the day at the beach without reapplying), its cleared up in about 24 hours. its the best! haven't peeled in years 🙂
feel better!