I can’t let my sister graduate without stealing some of her spotlight… I have always been the jealous-sister-type. [One month old Sporty Sister was casually dumped out of her baby basket and replaced by a tremendously jealous two year old College Prepster way back in the day once. Unfortunately, there is photographic evidence of the aforementioned incident.]

Here are some photo highlights of my high school graduation!!!

After the baccalaureate service with two of my besties.

With my mom and dad

So my high school was really competitive (and dumb in my opinion) and we walked across the stage for graduation in order of our class rank. I won’t say what my ranking was, but this boy was one number below–in a good way, does that make sense?– me; so we stood next to each other. [Actually, we had made some sort of bet I think at the beginning of our senior year that he was going to try to beat my GPA haha]

This is the dress I wore under my gown for the baccalaureate service.

I had a graduation “non-party.” I was adamantly against having a grad party. Graduation parties turned into a stressful event. There would be like 6 different ones within a three hour time period, and everyone was hopping in the car, delivering presents, saying hi, and then off to the next locale. I didn’t want ANYTHING, but of course, Soccer Mom did not like this idea. We ended up just inviting our very close family friends and family, no high school friends though. It was super low key.

My mom spent a lot of hours working on this Lilly table runner. Actually kind of funny story: See that yellow thing in the very back of the picture? That was an AP Physics project (an epic electric house). Against my mother’s vision, it became part of the center piece since my group had yet to turn it in haha.

I love this table runner!!!

And onto Graduation Day:

We wore black gowns (my high school’s colors were Black and Gold) and black shoes were required. I knew I was going to be taking a bunch of pictures without the gown on and I was not about to have to deal with “shoe wardrobe changes.” So, black dress it was!!! I actually already had this black dress from a Progressive Dinner, so I didn’t even need to buy a new one!

The family after the actual graduation ceremony. [Notice that my hair is shorter than it was in the pictures from Baccalaureate? After seeing those pictures, I knew I had to chop my hair off!]

We went to the Palm for a family dinner after the ceremony. Of course, wardrobe change. My dad wore a matching Lilly tie!!! This is one of my favorite pictures to date. I’ve used a cropped version for multiple avatars if you remember!

My sister, Mom, and I outside the Palm. Yes, I know. I’m the short one in the family.

Okay Sissy, the attention can go back to you now!


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Gracie Beth

You look adorable. I actually wouldn't have walked in HS if we walked according to class rank because some students earning technical diplomas would have been ahead of me and I took 11 AP classes in HS so had this been the case at my HS I would have skipped graduation in protest.

Miss Southern Prep

What cute pictures! At my high school, we have to wear all white, and I'm so pale, it looks like I'm a big snowball! I can't believe you walked across the stage in order of class rank!Hope you have a great day!


Never heard about incident of Sporty Sister being dumped out of the baby basket!!! Never saw a picture with the evidence either. I am sort of chuckling and picturing the face on the 2 yr. old when being discovered!!! TeeHee


Such fun pictures! I love the black dress and seemed to fit your high school well! Also, I totally agree with the grad party thing! I invited very few high school friends (only the ones I was actually close to) which worked out well! I love the lilly table runner too, soccer mom is so creative!


Your anti-grad party is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Props to Soccer Mom for that runner – absolutely adorable!


you're jealous because she is hotter and your meager attempts at being 'smart and preppy' aren't working in the long run.