Nordstrom Anniversary Picks

The Nordstrom anniversary sale is live for non-cardholders. Last week’s post stirred up a lot of feedback, most of which agreed that the overhype of the sale was annoying. I promise, this is going to be my one post about it and then we can go about living the rest of our lives 😉


Natori Feathers Bra is the best bra on the market. I am a very practical lady when it comes to underwear and when I find something that I love, I go all in. A few years ago, I made the decision to buy the same underwear. My lingerie drawer is pretty boring as a result, but having one less decision to make makes for a surprisingly simple morning. Every year when the Nordstrom sale comes along, I restock on bras because the price is just so good. Hanky Panky and Commando (legit no lines, get some asap) are also the best.

I have had Hunter boots for years and I’m truly obsessed with the brand. We never needed rainboots in Florida because it was too hot. I didn’t even know how practical rainboots were until I went to college in DC… all of a sudden everyone walked out in their boots and I… did not. I ended up buying a pair from another brand that I loved, but they started leaking (!?!) after a year. I highly recommend Hunter boots! I wear mine all year round now, through mud, snow, and (of course) rain. I even have a pair by the back door that I slip into while taking the dogs out in the morning. I have the Tour boots (which are lightweight for traveling) but those are sadly not part of the same. The ones that are are super cute though, with a subtle colorblocking down the back.

ASICS Sneakers are my running shoe of choice. Depending on the workout, I might wear a different sneaker. But if I’m running? It’s ASICS or nothing! I do recommend getting fitted for sneakers professionally at a running store but if you’re also an ASICS girl too, how fun are these neon yellow ones?

Another brand that I absolutely love is Barbour. I was fortunate enough to get to go to Scotland with the Barbour team a few years back and I DRANK THE KOOLAID. The heritage behind the brand is something else and they continue to bring their roots into every product they release. I have (and love) the classic Beadnell jacket, which is not part of the sale, but a couple of great styles are: Waxed Cotton Utility Jacket, Fairway Quilted Jacket, and Yellow Waterproof Raincoat.

One of my favorite parts of the day is slipping into pajamas. Sometimes I count the minutes until it’s an “acceptable” time to slip into them. I have wished more than once that I could just wear pajamas all day, every day! A few of my most-worn pajamas are included in the sale (!!!): Eberjey Shorty (my cream version is not on sale, but the grey looks just as cute!), Vintage Cotton Pajamas + the short sleeve version, and End on End Sleepshirt. If you want even more options, here are some other pajama sets included in the sale: Gingham Pajamas, and Striped Pajamas.

I received a nearly identical card case for Christmas this year from my boyfriend’s sister. I LOVE it. I thought I would only use it when I used a smaller bag for evenings out, but after using it while skiing (it fits so easily into pockets!), I never switched back to my big wallet. It forces me to stay organized so I’m not overloading a wallet with things I don’t actually need.



I don’t really need anything from the sale, but I put together a small list of what I think would be good “staple” buys.

Dover Blazer // Every girl should have at least one solid blazer in their closet. I’d go for the grey or navy. Both would work for a professional outfit and could be worn with jeans for a piece to layer with.

No-Show Socks // I know this sounds pretty lame, but these socks seem like a great buy. I only wear socks to run in and like the idea of a no-show option.

Ruffle Trim Dress // A good option for work. I try to keep a few dresses for professional events. I rarely have to get dressed up like this, but when I do, I’m thankful to have a few perfect options in the back of my closet.

Zip Around Wallet // This classic leather wallet is a pretty option if you want to upgrade your full-sized wallet without breaking the bank.

Double Breasted Trench Coat // Love, love, love how this trench looks. The piping on it is so sharp. Love all three colors.

Bow Ballet Flats // These flats come in a bunch of colors and with the sale pricing, they’re just under $100.



I have a hard time getting in the mood for fall when it’s still so warm out. (And honestly I’ve been kind of living in bathing suits lately and I don’t hate it!) Here are five cute items that are included in the sale, just for fun. You can definitely wear them in the fall, but they’d also work now too:

(ONE) Button Front Skirt (TWO) Tie Neck Blouse (THREE) Lace Overlay Ribbon Dress (FOUR) Shoulder Bow Jumpsuit (FIVE) Loafer Mule

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Carly, I adore your blog and I’ve been reading it for over three years, but this post confuses me. You mentioned on your Instagram stories that you almost quit Instagram due to the consumerism involving the Nordstrom Sale and even had that post earlier this week about how frustrated you were (and many commenters agreed with you). But now you’ve written “one post and we can all get on with our lives”? Why even the one post given what you wrote earlier this week (which also featured what you do like to buy at Nordstrom)? Why not a post about going through your closet and refreshing it based on old finds/getting things altered at a tailor’s instead?


I really don’t hate the sale. As I said in the other post, it’s a great time to stock up on things or purchase something you’ve been wanting but didn’t want to spend full price (like Hunter or Barbour). I Do(did?) have a problem with the INSANE purchases I saw happening on Instagram (I’m talking trunks full of shopping bags) during a pre-sale that’s open only to card holders. Now it’s open to the public, so you don’t need to open a credit card that might not be the best idea for most people. And I’m just sharing my picks and sorting through what i think are good buys (because I do end up getting emails asking what to buy during the sale). Personally, I don’t need anything, so I won’t buy anything but I don’t see anything wrong with quick round up post featuring brands/items I already love and wear (+ a few staple items that can be worn for years to come) with readers who are looking to make a purchase.


I have SO much respect towards you for this. It’s easier to go ahead and add a bunch of affiliate links for the sale than to say “hey, if you need this stuff — wait until it’s open for everyone. store credit cards can be a rabbit hole, I’m not supporting this aspect of the sale”.

Libby M.

Thank you, Carly, for this great sweet and simple list of your Nordstrom faves! This makes shopping feel way less stressful!!

Elizabeth Jordan

I don’t really understand why people are having a hard time with your posts. It seems like your irritated with the runaway consumerism of some other bloggers because you’ve been trying to pare down your purchases in the last year or so. And you’re worried that people opening a Nordstrom card just for the pre-sale might end up impacting their credit negatively. And you’re trying to point out that the sale is a great time to stock up on quality basics.

I don’t see anything wrong with what you’ve posted, but going forward I think you shouldn’t get in the way of people getting their shop on (lol!). There’s obviously some hurt feelings and people are feeling judged. My Grandma always said that Religion and Politics were off limits for discussion, but you might want to add Food and Money to that list.

Anyway, love your picks for the sale <3


Hi Carly, I know you said not to worry about items selling out during the pre-sale because Nordstrom reserves stock for the regular sale (when it opens to non-credit card holders), but when I went to make my purchases on July 20, basically everything I wanted was (and still is) out of stock. Do you think they will add stock in the new few days before the sale is over?

Jihyun Kim

I have Hunter boots and could not recommend them more. It’s the only thing that got me through rainy season. I want a Barbour jacket for years but never made the purchase 😣 I agree with you that sales like this is a good time to get such items.