Sun Shirt Update

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I bought this sun shirt and declared it awesome? I had worn it for one shore trip and was pretty confident that it was amazing. Well, three weeks later, the two shirts are my most worn pieces of clothing. I’ve had one weekend down the shore, two separate visits up at the Harbor, and one week long Nantucket trip. I have worn a bathing suit nearly every day. (I think there were only four days where I didn’t put on a bathing suit at one point or another!)

I have such a fun collection of bathing suits that I’ve been rotating through, but I have been tucking these sun shirts into my totes that I bring down to the beach too. They are THE BEST. I wish I had purchased them years ago and I really wish I had had a few as a kid. When I was on Nantucket with my friend Meghan (who also has very pale skin), we were discussing the ways our parents had tried to keep our skin safe. My dad always suggested giant fishing shirts (🙄) and her dad forced her and her siblings into giant white tees (😂). These sun shirts are so much cuter and way more practical.

Since I’ve been wearing it so frequently, I wanted to re-share it on here in case you were on the fence. DO IT. I am obsessed with these and think everyone should get one! As much as I love the striped one, I actually find myself packing the solid navy more, although I think the striped looks cute as a regular “shirt” when you just want some sun coverage.

Lands End Striped Rash Guard

Besides the benefit of having a shirt with built-in SPF, the most convenient feature is just how easy it is to slip on and off. I have some older rash guards that are meant to be super tight, but it ends up deterring me from ever wearing it in the first place. These fit much more comfortably and are easy to throw on or take off, whether you’re dry or not.

My arms tend to get a lot of sun and even with my best efforts with sunscreen, I find myself covered in more and more freckles. I’ve been taking proactive measures to keep my chest out of the sun and I’m still seeing faint sun spots popping up. The shirt is the fastest and easiest way to prevent more exposure. On Instagram, I tend to only show cute bathing suit pics where the whole bathing suit is showing…. but if you were to spot me on the boat or by the ocean, I more than likely am pretty covered up, hiding from the sun!

Lands End Rash Guard

As a pale girl, I just have to say, I love seeing other pale girls embracing their skin and love that companies are jumping on the sun-safety train. For years, I felt like I had to have a tan to look “healthy.” Now I don’t feel weird or embarrassed (or at least trying) to a) glow in the dark and b) throw on an SPF shirt and a big hat.

Lands End Sunshirt

Sun Shirt (follow size chart for sizing, here’s the solid navy) // One-Piece Under Sun Shirt // Peter Beaton Hat (here are my favorite hats!)

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I purchased the striped shirt after your first post and LOVE IT. I wore it everyday on my beach vacation. It’s very practical!


I got both the striped and navy when you first posted about them! I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet so I’m glad to hear they are working out. I had to return and size down but they price matched me on the phone with the original swim sale. Thanks for the update!


Just brought the striped one! As a fellow pale girl, I’m jumping at a good recommendation. I usually just put on a coverup as soon as I get out of the water but I love that this can also be worn kayaking on lake (probably when I’ll wear it most). Since reading your blog I’ve become a lot more confident in embracing my pale legs


These are the best. I DM’d you a Florida one from Pink Palm you might have to have. They have a Tampa one too.

Sydney Liz

I have the exact same two (the striped and navy solid) and I love them! They were life-savers on my honeymoon just a few weeks ago to the Bahamas. With so many days in the sun, I wanted to give my skin a break. These were perfect… and they kept me from getting burned the day we went snorkeling. I love that you feature things for girls who want to save their skin!

Jessica from What To Style

I love a good striped shirt, I have a similar one but with no built-in SPF.. I’d love to try on a piece with built-in SPF since I got curious if it really works! 😀

Jessica | New post:

Ally R

I’m glad I wasn’t the only pale girl who’s dad suggested a fishing shirt!!


I bought one after I read your 1st post (also dark haired/freckled/pale skinned ) and I love it as well! It’s so comfy and the built in SPF is amazing. Thanks for recommendation!