NYFW Essentials

With every season that goes by, I get a little bit better about surviving New York Fashion Week. I set my expectations a bit more realistically and I also find a way to get through the day without too much stress. Things are kicking off this week and I’m excited… and prepared:

1– A cute, structured tote // In my dream world, I could carry a tiny clutch around to events and call it a day. In reality, I end up needing to carry quite a few things to survive the day and only a tote will suffice. It’s so cold this time of year that I tend to go for dark clothing, but a tote in a bright color is a great way to work in a nice punch of color to your outfit.
2– Bottle of water // One of the keys to making it through the day? Staying hydrated! I am very tempted to grab a coffee while in between an event to warm up and get some caffeine and I always forget to drink water!!! Keeping a bottle of water on hand is nice because it’s always there when I realize I’m thirsty, no need to make an extra run somewhere to grab a water.
3– Hand lotion // This is a brutally cold fashion week! I love keeping lotion on hand. Perfect for the winter!
4– KIND Bars // Some events have small bites to snack on, but when you’re chit chatting with friends and meeting new people (or, you know, trying to get a great Instagram) food might be the last thing on your mind. Snacks that are easy to eat on the go (while walking or riding in a cab) are the best idea. I love keeping KIND bars in sweet flavors with me so I don’t get hangry!!!
5– iPhone charger // Between Google mapping your next location and Instagramming all of your favorite looks, your phone might not make it through the day. I keep my regular charger with me and take advantage of an outlet if I can find it, but this handy charger is great for when you’re in a pinch and need to give your battery a bit of a boost.
6– Minimergency kit // This thing has everything you could ever need! It’s so tiny, yet has so many great things inside to really save the day. (I end up helping at least one friend with the sewing kit every fashion week!)
7– Earrings // A strange thing to pack, but I’m notorious for forgetting earrings. Keeping a pair stashed away ensures I’ll never be without!
8– Blotting sheets // Even in the cold, I find myself getting a little stressed and warm throughout the day. Nothing like standing in a crowded line with you and 500 of your best friends. A quick blot before photos and you’ll be shine-free and ready for your close up.
9– Metrocard and cash // I typically take cabs (guilty), but sometimes traffic is so bad that a subway is way faster. Not to mention, nowadays shows and events and presentations are ALL over town, so there’s is quite a bit of travel involved. Cash is great to split a fare with a friend or to tip someone at a coat check.
10– Chapstick // Necessary!!!! Lipstick just doesn’t look the same on dry lips.
11– Blister stick // I choose the worst shoes for fashion week every year. With all the walking and standing, blisters are almost inevitable. The blister stick is a game changer for keeping your feet nice and comfortable.
12– Camera // Capture the show, the moment you see Bill Cunningham darting out of Lincoln Center, and the after party with friends. iPhone cameras are awesome, but there’s nothing like a real high-res photo.
13– Stain stick // Whether it’s a coffee stain from a bumpy cab ride or makeup on the edge of your shirt collar… a stain stick will come in handy!
14– Headphones // I like having headphones with me for between shows. I might listen to music while catching up on work at a coffee shop or play my favorite playlist while walking to the next location. Instant mood lifter, especially when you’re tired!

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Audrey Lin

I love the metro! It's one of my favorite forms of public transportation in, well, the world! It's so easy to navigate and very convenient, although sometimes a little unsanitary. // I prefer to use cute backpacks than totes, because they're so much easier on the shoulders and hardly ever get in the way while walking 🙂 // I never knew that there was such thing as a blister stick! I need one // Looking forward to seeing your pictures from NYFW 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Southwestern Prepster

Ahh that's so exciting to think NYFW is almost here! Granted I'm all the way across the country so it's not like I get to really experience it, but it's definitely on my bucketlist! This post is great not only because NYFW, but because it applies to so many events that require a whole day of running around! I definitely need to look into getting one of those blister sticks!
xx, Mikkaela
The Southwestern Prepster