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I’m all about wearing white denim year round. I haven’t always been that way, but in the past few years I’ve been totally embracing it. I swapped out my typical white jeans for a pair of white corduroys for the winter. However, I’m ready to go back to my jeans. The problem? My old white jeans have seen better days.
I think white denim is totally different than regular blue denim. I wash my regular jeans frequently, which is something you’re not technically supposed to do, but I like fresh-out-of-the-wash jeans even if they don’t last as long. However, with white jeans, I feel like I have to wash them after every wear, especially in the city where it’s gross. I remember putting my white jeans away for the season and thinking they looked dingy. When I pulled them out last week in preparation for my trip to Florida, they were looking downright gross. Plus all the washing had clearly done it’s damage. 
I was going to go with a pair of my favorite Madewell jeans in white. I decided to do look around first. There are tons of different white jeans options:
I ended up going with J. Crew’s Stretch Toothpick. I went off of a friend’s recommendation; she informed me that they revamped the denim. I was skeptical, but they really rock. The stretch seems like just the right balance where I can eat at Chipotle and still sit in my jeans… without them getting baggy. 
Do you have a favorite pair of white denim?

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I hands down swear by anything J Brand! The stretch and feel of their denim makes wearing jeans amazing rather than suffocating. I also really love Madewell jeans but find the waistband can be a bit tight. I prefer to buy jeans from a specific jean brand because its what they specialize in. J Brand will always be my go to unless I can find something better!

Annie Belle

Madeeha Syed

Levis super skinny white jeans! They are honestly the best fitting jeans in my closet. They have a curve ID which let's you measure your bum to hip curve along with your waist and inseam. Which is great because I think that's one of the biggest problems us girls have while purchasing pants.


White Cabana

I'm completely impressed that you wear white jeans/cords year round. For someone who loves white as much as I do, I have never quite gotten on the white jeans train. I have yet to find THE PERFECT pair. I like the look of the bottom three jeans you featured, so I might just give this another attempt. Thanks for sharing your review!

Amy Nagoda

I have four pairs of the DL Emma's (in four different colors). They're the only jeans that I wear….they're amazing! The DL Florence jeans are another great option, too….


I love white jeans any time of the year! My first pair were from Mossimo and they were great, until they had an untimely incident with some nail polish. I'm now looking for another pair and will either go back to Mossimo or try a pair from the Loft. Love the J. Crew ones you picked!


I have the hardest time finding white denim that I'm happy with. If I go with a fit that I'm used to with other denim, it seems to be a little too tight and really see-through (sounds like I wear super tight jeans but that's not the case!) and then if I go with a little looser to avoid that problem, they stretch out and look baggy within an hour of wearing them. Perhaps I just haven't found the right pair, but this has been the case with about six different brands, styles, and cuts. Any tips for this?!

Sweet Spontaneity