Ocean House

This past weekend, I took a spontaneous solo trip up to Rhode Island. My boyfriend was going to be out of town for a bachelor party, and our apartment had to be vacant on Saturday while an exterminator came. (That’s all I’ll say on that but 😷.) I didn’t want the dogs to be home and I was kind of itching for a little getaway anyway. I had put quite a bit of pressure on myself the week leading up and could feel a burnout creeping in. So, I took one weekday + the weekend off from blogging (a rarity for me!) and made a reservation at The Ocean House.

Ocean House Wes Anderson

It was such a last minute trip– I booked on Thursday– and I was trying to find a spot that I could drive to so I didn’t have to worry about flights. I’m so glad I went with The Ocean House; it was such a relaxing 48 hours. I felt like I had been gone for a full week, at least.

I have been to Ocean House for events and meals, but this was actually my first time staying there. I kind of loved that it’s still considered “off-season” because it was so quiet and yet, it was still nice enough to be outside.

I have no qualms doing anything by myself. Going to the movies alone is one of my favorite things to do when I need a couple of hours to relax. I read books or people watch while enjoying a meal. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to travel to Europe or do a “big” trip by myself, but a quick weekend? Count me in. For this trip, I knew I had a lot of things that I wanted to think about, in addition to just giving me space to unwind.

Ocean House

I spent the three-hour drive thinking, talking to my mom on the phone, listening to a podcast (Casey Neistat’s new one!), and getting started with an audiobook. I even stopped for a Dunkin Donuts coffee… and got a doughnut. I’ve been so good about cutting unnecessary sweets from my life, but couldn’t resist a doughnut. Then it really felt like a vacation!

I spent the rest of the afternoon getting through my inbox. I knew I’d have a better chance at relaxing Saturday and Sunday if I could get through the last of my to-list. I closed my laptop, ordered a burger for room service, and watched Troop Beverly Hills before falling asleep. I’m pretty sure I was completely out before 9 pm. A true luxury right there.

Room Service

With such an early bedtime, and because apparently I’m 28 and no longer capable of sleeping in, I was up in time to see the sunrise from my balcony. I had a leisurely morning in bed with breakfast and then went for an extra long walk along the beach. I listened to an audiobook for most of the walk. There is nothing better than being out by the ocean– even if it’s too cold to wade into. I dipped my toes in for a split second and felt numbness setting in, ha! I stuck with the dry sand for the rest of the walk.

Ocean House Beach

I settled into one of those chairs with a new book (The Female Persuasion – really loving it!) and sat there for hours. I had jeans and a sweater on, but with the sun beating down, I was just warm enough to be comfortable. I felt like a turtle under a heat lamp!

It actually got so warm at one point, that I moved to this shaded porch and kept right on reading. As the minutes passed, I felt all the tension just melting away.

Ocean House Spa

I don’t think you need a beautiful backdrop to relax for a weekend, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.


Ocean House Bistro

I had lunch overlooking the ocean*, took a tour of the hotel including a peek into the gorgeous penthouse, and then had an aromatherapy Swedish massage. Talk. About. Bliss.

* I’ve been trying so hard to cut straws out of my life, but, ugh, I keep forgetting to say something when I order a drink at a restaurant. 🤦🏻‍♀️

The Ocean House Watch Hill Rhode Island Ocean House Penthouse  Ludwig Bemelmans

I had another low-key evening and then met up with Kiel and Sarah for breakfast the next day. I can’t believe it was my first time meeting Harry. He is even more adorable than I imagined. He really has such a sweet disposition.

Sarah Vickers

As sad as I was to have to return “back to reality,” I left feeling totally recharged. I had mixed feelings when I booked the trip as it seemed a little extravegant for just a weekend by myself, but I am so glad I did it.

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Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m doing the same thing next week (except I live in Texas and our beaches are pretty toasty!) while my apartment gets repainted and right before a trip to New York. I’ve been feeling guilty about needing me time and not inviting friends and family. I really just want to read a book for hours on the beach! Sometimes we deserve to give ourselves extravagant weekend trips.


I’m so glad you got some time to relax!
I had a similar experience a few weeks ago and couldn’t stop talking about how nice it was to take a road trip by myself. The autonomy was the best part; being able to stop anywhere, anytime, for any reason without having to answer to anyone about it felt so freeing.
It looks like you really got an opportunity to decompress. 🙂

Jordana @WhiteCabana

This is an absolutely ideal solo weekend getaway! Reading, walking, thinking, and a bit of social time…surrounded by gorgeousness? I hope you came home feeling rejuvenated!

Brianna Rooney

good for you Carly! Just listening to what you did made me feel relaxed and just CRAVE that this weekend. I hope you remember those lovely moments when stress creeps up on you next.


That sounds like the best trip ever!!!!! It looks so cute and quaint. I’d totally go there in the off season! And girl, you ARE brave. I just booked a trip to Hawaii for a month by myself. I hope friends will be joining me eventually! But really I’m flying 5,000 miles away from no one. It’s kind of of fun though because I have made connections through instagram and hope to meet up with a few people while I’m there. Vacations by yourself are amazing! You do make me want to go to CT and Nantucket and Maine and all those pretty places up there!

Katie |


Will you please do a post on spending time by yourself? I am so jealous of people who love alone time and have been trying to get better at it! I’d love some tips.


Please! About to move across the country to a new city (away from all friends and family) and would love to hear some tips.


I’m so happy you took the weekend off – turning yourself “off” is sometimes the best thing in the world. I also love being alone.

I definitely think you could conquer a trip by yourself, by the way! I went to Paris for 8 days by myself last March and it was so freeing.


This looks & sounds like an amazing getaway, all your photos are beautiful! I’m so happy you got the chance to take some me-time, that’s super essential!
xo, Syd

Southern & Style

This post totally confirmed my need for a beach getaway, stat! It looks like an incredible place to spend a weekend, that’s for sure 🙂
xoxo, SS

Southern and Style


What a relaxing weekend! I saw your Instagram stories and I just wanted to drop in and say you are beautiful! Thick skin is such an asset, but also don’t beat yourself up over mean comments still getting to you sometimes. You’re human! The comments just plain shouldn’t be written. So try not to victim blame yourself. 🙂 And thanks for your transparency!

Haintso Rakouth

Per our recent YT video regarding using your DSLR, your photos look incredible!!
Also, a single vacation to get away for a bit is always great!


That’s incredible, do you edit in Lightroom or tweak on your phone via Snapseed or VSCO?! My jaw is on the floor.


You’ve inspired me to look into taking a solo weekend trip sometime. It feels weird even thinking about doing it, but I could definitely see the value in it. I’m a bit of a hermit anyway and have begun loving going to the movies alone. I’m engaged and I know that once I’m married, and kids come along potentially, I’ll probably be a little sad to never have opportunity to do things on my own. There’s nowhere around me that’s as extravagant as Ocean House – but I could probably find something nice.


Ocean House is one of my favorite place! What s wonderful weekend! Lucky you!


I love that you travel alone and spent much of the weekend alone. I really cherish my alone time and have been considering booking a stay somewhere close myself! You’ve inspired me to book it.


I love The Ocean House! My family has always been a Cape family, so it’s tough to beat Ocean Edge in Brewster, but we had my parents’ 25th anniversary brunch at The Ocean House and it was breathtaking. I did some travel in RI and popped over there for lunch by myself in the fall, and you’re right–even if the weather isn’t perfect, being outside by the ocean just melts away any stress. Glad you went and enjoyed a relaxing weekend!


This looks like an absolutely wonderful getaway!! There’s something so relaxing about spending time alone!

Jennifer K

Looks like the perfect little getaway. Reading by the ocean for hours sounds like Heaven. #bookgeek

Jessica | The Magical Wife

I love reading your more “personal” posts, just like this one! Your photography skills are great, by the way! I remember a few months back you said something about not being the best at photography, but the images of your mini-vacation are beautiful Carly!


Wow, what a stunning location, it sounds like you had such a lovely opportunity to have some down time to yourself in a stunning location! What a view and the food looks amazing! Wish I could hop over the sea for a weekend break here.

Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo