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This is the first On My Radar post on a Friday in a while so… Happy Friday! I flew down to Tampa yesterday with my boyfriend. This is his first time seeing where I grew up so I can’t wait to give him the full tour. (Hope he’s ready for it 😂)

When I moved to New Jersey, I had to switch health insurance providers and, with that, find a new primary care physician. You’d think it’d be easy, but it can be such a challenge. It took me over two years to find a good doctor in Connecticut and I was very sad to lose her as a PCP with my move. I found a new doctor in Hoboken though and went in for a physical this week. She is SO NICE and it was the biggest relief. I didn’t technically need a physical yet, but I wanted to make sure that a) I was officially her patient and b) that I liked her before I got sick and needed one. It’s always better to be prepared, especially with doctors. Without having a mom setting up your appointments, it can be easy to let it slide, but it’s so important. I even had a little bump by my hip that I was a little worried about since it was so close to where lymph nodes are located. She took a look and, phew!, it was nothing worrisome. I was in an out of her office in under 30 minutes, but it saved me so much worrying now and I’m sure it will save me time/energy if I ever need to make an appointment while ill in the future!

J Crew Gingham Pants

ONE // Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Kit Kats

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Bon Appetit’s Youtube channel. They do such a great job with it and it’s both entertaining and educational. I’m obsessed with how Claire goes about her experiments; she’s so talented and has ten times more patience than I ever could muster. In this episode, she tries to make Kit Kats! This has been on my desktop (where I save everything for On My Radar posts) for a bit and GUESS WHAT! I ran into Brad in Hoboken. He’s another chef from the series; Claire and Brad have the best bantering on the episodes. I definitely fangirled.

TWO // Juniper Books 

These beautifully bound book collections would be perfect for any bookshelf. I’d totally stock up on these to decorate a guest room or a nursery, and I also think they’d make very thoughtful gifts. Books are always a good idea.

THREE // Emma McKee, Hip Hop’s Cross Stitch Artist

When I saw this video on Facebook, I had to share it with my mom. My mom taught me how to cross-stitch when I was a kid. She’s an expert and I used to do it to pass time when I was stuck at my sister’s sports practices/games. I had a little tin with embroidery floss that I’d carry everywhere. Watching Emma McKee’s talent kind of makes me want to pick up the hobby again… Won’t be at her level any time soon (aka ever), but a couple of small projects could be fun!

FOUR // Gal Meets Glam Scarf 

I ordered this Gal Meets Glam Collection logo scarf recently! It’s so cute and I can never say no to a bow. I’ve been on a huge scarf kick and love accessorizing my bags, hair, and neck. The easiest way to add a little je ne sais quoi!

FIVE // Couples Therapy with Casey and Candice

You guys know how obsessed I am with Casey Neistat! He and his wife Candice just launched a new podcast and it, unsurprisingly, launched to number one on the charts. I watch so many of Casey’s videos and I’m a fan of Candice’s jewelry line Billy!. So far, the podcast seems like an interesting platform for them to share even more of their story.

SIX // Ralph Lauren’s CP-93 Line

This new Ralph Lauren collection caught my eye. I love how everything looks– it’s very 90s. Some things are a little too out there for what I’d actually wear, but I can definitely think of a few friends who could rock the look. I would wear the stretch leggings though!

SEVEN // Emily Henderson’s Opalhouse by Target Makeover

Emily Henderson always blows me away with her design skills. I wish I had her talents! Her most recent Target makeover is ah-mazing. The room is so gorgeous and I thought, for sure, that the wallpaper had to be from somewhere else. Nope! It’s from Target too. I want it!!!! 😍

EIGHT // Lilly Pulitzer Alivia Dress

I can’t remember if I’ve included this in a past On My Radar or not, but I’m going to repost it just in case. I’m in Florida for a week and I think I’m going to pop into a store to try this dress on! I love that it’s not a print and instead, a pretty white + blue, without being boring.

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That Alivia dress is so pretty. I love a good Lilly dress that is solid colors. I wear my navy ines all the time and this looks like the perfect alternative! I use to embroider all the time too! If you want to get back into it check out Alicia Paulson’s site, it’s bursting with love and crafting talent.
Have a wonderful time in Tampa,