Oh goodness gracious.

I have a slight obsession with grammar and have been known to send textbooks letters explaining what they said or did was wrong.  Oddly, I’m not really that great about my own grammar and I NEVER re-read my own posts because most of the time I’m in a time crunch.  There have been incidents, however, when some “teammates” of mine find it amusing to comment on my posts and correct me, but so far they’ve been wrong.  
Quick story:  My accounting class from H-E-double hockey sticks had group projects.  I had a GREAT group.  The five of us worked incredibly well together.  Each of us had a great “skill” that contributed to the final project.  R was scarily good at Excel spreadsheets, A had a really good eye for the big picture, M was super great at making an outstanding presentation, and K knew everything there was to know about accounting.  I, being absolutely downright AWFUL at accounting was left to edit the ten page final paper.  Naturally, we got a 10/10 for writing quality.  Thank you, thank you very much.
Ok, so back to the point of this post.  I’ve been doing a TON of reading since the weather has been so nasty.  I just started a new book titled Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan.  (It’s pretty cute… some weird college stories… I haven’t finished, but I’ll let you know my final review when I do.)  
As I’m reading the book, a new character is introduced as the fiance of one of the girl’s.  He went to Georgetown (woo!).  But the author kept referring to him as “fratty” and all of his groomsmen were his “fraternity brothers.”  This is impossible seeing as how Georgetown is a Jesuit community and does not have a Greek system.  I emailed the author (I’ve been known to write letters to the editor for the Tampa Tribune frequently) and told her that this wasn’t possible.  She responded and apologized adding that it will be corrected in all future editions.  Hahahahahaha.  I’m a bit embarrassed by the whole matter, but thought you all would find it amusing.
Good night!!!
-College Prepster

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thanks! i love the red dress too. i tried it today when it came in and its so comfortable, i know why you wear it so much!


HAHA! I noticed the SAME error! I never would have written Ms. Sullivan about it though, good for you. I think reprint corrections are unfortuneately all-too-necessary in the publishing world quite frequently, actually. With your keen editor's eye maybe you have a future in the field 😉

Billie Anne

I went to college to be a copy editor and I can tell you that these kind of things get to me, too! Bravo! That's great the author recognized her mistake and is willing to correct it!