Old Navy Obsessed

I had a meeting downtown earlier today and when I was leaving, it started to rain. Of course, I left my umbrella at home. I felt two drops and basically sprinted into the nearest store, which turned out to be Old Navy. While I waited for the storm clouds to pass (and it ended up not raining, ugh, so humid!!!) and looked around.
OMG. Talk about cute. I ended up picking up this dress. Some more cute picks:
Blue Scenic Shorts (Make sure you zoom in on the shorts if you pop over to Old Navy’s website… The scene is literally the cutest: sailboats, cabana houses, beach volleyball, palm trees!)

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Audrey Lin

Loving the striped linen dress! I love the laid-back vibe 🙂 This past week it's been raining crazy here as well. Absolutely pouring!! Hopefully it'll clear up and I'll more opportunities to dress like summer 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


I used to scoff at the thought of shopping at Old Navy a few years ago but they have been knocking it out of the park lately! Great finds for low prices. I've purchased more there this year than at J. Crew (who really needs to step it up!)

Katie M

I love Old Navy! Always can count on them for cute (and cheap) clothes!



I love all of these pieces! How did you find the quality of everything to be? I'm always a little hesitant to buy from Old Navy, because it isn't always 100% reliable in that department.