Tony Awards

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (collegeprepster! add me!), you got a sneak peek at my Tony Awards look. I was invited to a viewing party with IBM and then the Gala (aka after party)… to say I was excited was an understatement.
I’ve always dreamed of being on Broadway, you know, if I could magically sing quite a bit better. I do love musicals of all kinds and loved my experience with my chorus performances in high school. It’s something I miss greatly.
This was my first ever black tie event. Rent the Runway erased my “what do I wear?!” question that I started to panic about. They let me pick out a dress for the night and I felt as glamorous as I’ve ever felt. (I also overheard quite a few girls talking about their RTR dresses at the party!)
I picked out this black and white gown thinking that I would blend right in. I ended up receiving so many compliments– I was blushing all night long. It sounds a little silly, but events like this can be pretty intimidating especially when you already have more-than-a-touch of social anxiety. Wearing a dress that I felt completely confident in made my night that much more enjoyable. It’s not about the dress per say, but it totally makes a difference when you feel great. Who’s with me?
WEARING: ML Monique Lhuillier Gown (borrowed c/o RTR) // Erikson Beamon Earrings (borrowed c/o RTR) // Old Kate Spade shoes (similar, honestly more amazing option) // Old Kate Spade clutch (similar) // Vintage bracelet (similar)
Garrett looking quite dapper. Neither one of us knew what to expect and we were completely in awe of everything. I went so far to claim the night as the best NYC experience I have had to date. It was pretty unreal.

The IBM watch party was held in a penthouse with a wrap around roof deck. We drank and snacked while watching the performances and acceptance speeches. It was really fun to watch with a group of people… you could tell when a crowd favorite won because we’d all cheer! 
There was even a real Tony floating around the party. I’d like to thank my mom, dad, and sister….
Okay, now for the fun part. It was difficult to grab good photos, but trust me when I say… the Gala was unbelievable. The Plaza Hotel has never looked so good. The entire place was practically dripping with peonies. Everywhere. And there was incredible food everywhere. And, most excitingly, there were celebrities everywhere. I’ve never been to anything quite like this.
I’m not even one to get overly starstruck, but there is something pretty surreal about being in a room surrounded by recognizable faces and incredibly talented people. I wish I could have met everyone, but Garrett and I settled for “casually” taking it all in. (Just kidding, we were downright giddy with excitement.) Oh, but I couldn’t resist asking Darren Criss for a photo.
ML Monique Lhuillier Gown (borrowed c/o RTR) // Erikson Beamon Earrings (borrowed c/o RTR) // Old Kate Spade shoes (similar) // Old Kate Spade clutch (similar) // Vintage bracelet (similar)
It was the best night ever. If only every weekend could end with a black tie event!

A massive, massive thank you to the team at IBM for this truly incredible experience.


PS All I want to do now is buy tickets to every Broadway play and show… 

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Audrey Lin

This is everything I imagine a glamorous night in NYC to be like! Haha loving that photo of you and and the Tony, with a perfect caption to go with it 😛 Although I'd have to say the best man with you is Garrett ;D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Ellen Borza

This looks like such an amazing event, and you look so beautiful in that dress. I'm so jealous you got to do this! And I would love to be on Broadway too…my singing is definitely not up to par.

Ellen | A Pop of Pink

Olivia Stieren

Still in awe! I don't blame you at all for saying it's the best NYC experience you've had yet. That would go down as one of my top 3 experiences ever :). You look fabulous and I bet you did fit right in!


You don't even know how jealous I am– this looks like so much fun 🙂 Hopefully I will be able to attend the Tony Awards some day too, as a performer, maybe accepting an award 😉

Prep on a Budget

Katie M

So fun! I would love to attend an event like this! Your dress is perfect!


Susan Herin

Carly, you look absolutely stunning and Garrett is so handsome! What a fabulous experience and thanks for taking us along. 🙂


You look so fabulous! The picture of you and Garrett is stunning, too!! Christmas card-worthy! lol