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While I’m away in Alaska, I’ve asked some of my friends to share what’s been on their radar lately to mix things up a little bit. (And a day early! Surprise!)
Letters to a Young Poet is a must for any creatives looking for inspiration. Within 10 powerful letters, Rilke reminds us that all creations come from within. So too does approval. The most punching lesson I took from his letters is that solitude is creativity’s greatest gift– exactly the reminder I needed while living alone in bali for five months! 
I just finished the book 100 Summers. It’s the perfect beach-read featuring a mix of mystery and summer love, set in 1930s high society. I couldn’t put it down!
As a creative professional working in NYC — who also has an affinity with California and LA specifically— this NY Times article spoke to me! The culture on the west coast is very communal, generous, and friendly… plus, bursting with creativity. 
Is it just me or can you never find a book recommendation when you need one? I bookmarked this list of what celebrities are reading right now on my iPhone for easy access next time I’m at the library (yes, I still use a library card!). I couldn’t love Reese Witherspoon any more if I tried so I love the idea of following along on her unofficial Instagram book club. Book club besties with Reese? Yes please!
Pitch Perfect 2! (Yes, I am 33 years old (not a tween…) I could not be more excited for the return of the Bellas! I saw the first one when it came out and loved every minute… I’ve been counting down the days to its return. The singing, the dancing, the costumes… and of course Anna + Rebel. It’s going to be fun.
Our days here in Charleston are lasting longer so I’ve been running outside as much as possible. I couldn’t do it without my workout playlist.
I just finished Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter and LOVED it. I was in search of a good love story and this book was just the answer. An easy ready that completely pulls you into the characters and leaves you sad to turn the last page. 
I found this earlier in the week and I’m obsessed. The Social Security Administration released the most popular names for any given year. This calculator gives your name’s equivalent for any given decade since the 1890s. Alison was the 97th most popular name the year I was born — and in the 1890s, the 97th most popular name was Bertie. Let’s just say I’m glad I was born in the 1980s 😉
Music! I’m always listening for new sounds and songs that inspire me (and I collect them on my Soundcloud profile, which you can follow here).

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Ali Henriques

This is fantastic! What an amazing group of women you have as friends. It is so nice to see all of these fabulous blogs and fun recommendations. I love this idea and it would be awesome to see some more of this in the future! I wasn't following all of these blogs yet so it is *awesome* to find some more spots to find good reading material and beautiful images. Thanks for the constant inspiration <3