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Lilly Pulitzer’s “Splash Into Summer” gifts with purchase promotion kicks off today! Receive a starfish bracelet with any spend, spend $200 and receive a sunglass travel case + bracelet, spend $600 and receive two towels + lower spend gifts, spend $800 and receive a Kadima set + lower spend gifts, spend $1400 and receive rolling beach cooler + lower spend gifts. (Do it for the towels guys, omg they’re so cute.)
To celebrate, I’m sharing a new Lilly look that I wore last week.
I don’t spend nearly enough time in Brooklyn. It sounds like a cop out, but when you live on the Upper East Side, it can take a while to get there (especially with backed up L trains!) and I rarely feel like spending the $30 for a cab. I happened to be downtown for a little meeting and Garrett was wrapping up a haircut in Brooklyn so I decided to meet him over there.
It was an incredible day. Clear skies, perfect temperatures. Just the right amount of wind. We spent a little bit of time right on waterfront of Williamsburg taking in the sights, doing some people watching, and getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D. 
I love a good Lilly dress, but sometimes they don’t exactly work in New York. I found this top to be a really cute alternative and the number of compliments I received was unreal. Although I was a little hesitant when I first picked it out, it only took one second of trying it on to realize how universally flattering it is. Something about the cut and the detailing down the middle just really works.
I think my biggest concern was that the neckline won’t allow a traditional bra and I’m not the biggest strapless bra fan. Because of my larger chest, I decided on the size 2 and it fits perfectly… and (shhhh) I’m not even wearing a bra.
It’s a keeper. Now I think I need it in the solid colors too.
That skyline though!
Instead of taking the train back home, we opted for the ferry. I honestly can’t believe I’ve never taken the East River Ferry before. It was pretty fun and officially a must do if you’re visiting on a nice day. It beats taking the subway hands down.


PS There’s a super cute dress in the same print,!

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What a great top! I struggle with Lilly dresses in California as well – people just don't understand!! But this is a great alternative. Thank you for sharing.

Laura | Surf & Hydrangeas