ON MY RADAR 10.21.22

I had such a great week with my mom in town! Mike was traveling for work, so I called my mom to see if she wanted to come hang out with us. It was so nice having her just here for our “everyday life.” No holiday to celebrate, no party to throw, no grand adventures. She got to come to all of his little classes and meet his friends and just play! It was great!!

Jack’s polo (c/o)  + his sneaks

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Black Bow Dress on MAJOR Sale

One of my favorite dresses from this summer is on major sale– and it’s not just a summer dress. I love a good LBD, especially one with bows, and this one is marked down to about $30 with the code “SOGOOD.Here’s how it looks on me– I do want to note that I went up one size as I found it ran a little small through the ribcage!

TWO // Jenna Lyons on RHONY

Did you see the news that Jenna Lyons (yes that Jenna Lyons!) is going to be on Real Housewives of New York?! I have to confess that I have never watched Real Housewives (I’m more of a Below Deck kind of girl)…. but Jenna Lyons?! I think I may be tuning in now! I also kind of love that it’s a whole fresh new cast– like I don’t need to know about previous drama to feel like I can watch the show, right?

THREE // Melissa Smrekar’s House Tour

A must watch! Homeworthy just released a forty-four minute tour of Melissa Smrekar’s beautiful home in Dallas, TX. I love Melissa’s taste for everything, and especially interior design. She has such a good eye– and isn’t afraid to go bold– and I love her home so much!

FOUR // Hill House Tartan Nap Dress

Hill House launched their tartan collection! From my understanding, this is their last big drop of the year. I love the black watch Ellie (the Nap Dress) and they also have a super festive and beautiful red tartan too.

FIVE // Ironic Boat and Tote Collaboration

Gracie Wiener’s Ironic Boat and Totes have taken over the internet… and LL Bean listened. They did a whole line of ironic monograms, even beyond the totes. Such a fun internet collab. I love how brands are embracing the TikTok trends. The “favorite” needlepoint stocking is my, well, favorite.

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