ON MY RADAR 10.7.22

This was a FULL week. Full in every sense. Lots of family time. Work projects. House updates. Trips to the city. I never feel like I’m “doing it all,” but this week got pretty close. Or at least as close as I can possibly get. It really did take almost fourteen months since Jack was born to get to this point… but it’s a team effort. We have Jack in a daycare three days a week we all love, Mike takes over as much as he can with his work schedule, and Jack got to spend an afternoon with his grandparents this week too. (Truly, that Jack is one lucky kid!!!)

J. Crew Blouse (c/o)

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Emma Chamberlain’s House Tour on AD

Emma Chamberlain is, like, the voice of Gen Z and she just shared a house tour with Architectural Digest. It’s… stunning. Just like Emma herself, her house is just cool. I love that she has such a good sense of self and design preferences and her house reflects her personality perfectly.

TWO // Tuckernuck’s Fall Collection

I’m loving everything Tuckernuck has released for fall. They have always done a good job curating brands and they have transitioned that into creating their own line in such a great way. I love it. This floral dress was my favorite, but it sold out of my size before I had a chance to scoop it up. Loving this green dress, this top, and this smocked top as well.

THREE // Jennette McCurdy & Drew Barrymore

If you read and loved Jennette McCurdy’s memoir like I did, you need to check out this interview she did with Drew Barrymore. I’ve admittedly watched a lot of the interviews Jennette during this particular press junket and this is, hands down, the most real one. It’s actually a beautiful conversation.

FOUR // NFC Hacks

While scrolling on TikTok recently, I was served one of these videos on my FYP about NFCs. I have heard of them but had no idea how to implement them into my daily life. (Or, frankly, why I’d even want to.) This woman has the coolest ideas and now I want to NFC my life.

FIVE // La Ligne x Target

The La Ligne designer collection for Target is launching so soon! Mark your calendars: October 9 @ 3am ET. There are 36 pieces for the collection and I imagine they’re going to sell like hotcakes. You can preview the collection online ahead of the launchthe green striped cable knit pullover looks especially cute.

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Hi! The last target links are for a storage bin FYI. They are cute but not La Ligne! Actually in a mistake in my favor because I am going to try them.


This is totally off topic, but do you happen to know the paint color’s name on the wall/ built-ins behind you? It’s STUNNING!


Hi! Did you see the Trevor Noah interview with Jennette? Such a beautiful interview… but I agree, the Drew interview has been my favorite!

I’ve been very into her and everything Jennette even though I had never heard of her until the book (too old for her shows).

I also am not sure why I felt like I needed to comment for the first time but you kind of just want to grab someone’s face and say, “Omg! You have to watch these interviews!” The candor and eloquence is a revelation and refreshing.

Kate Scott

I also LOVED Jennette McCurdy’s book, watched a ton of the interviews she did recently to learn more about her and really enjoyed her interview with Drew. I am truly fascinated by her story and want more Jennette!