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I just got back from a trip to Charleston with Elizabeth Arden. Going on press trips can be… something else. I’ve had all kinds of experiences (the amazing, the crazy, the disorganized, and everything in between). I always get nervous going… like who’s going to be there, what will the team be like, is the vibe going to be good or stressful, will I have fun?!? You just never know what you’re going to experience until you’re there. I have to say, though that this trip was INCREDIBLE. My only issue? It was too short!

Elizabeth Arden Red Door

It was a great group of girls and I loved getting to hang out with some of my very best blogger friends and bonding with new friends! The Elizabeth Arden and the PR teams knocked the whole thing out of the park. I always feel like the best work trips are the ones where you drink the brand’s kool-aid and walk away absolutely loving everything. And that’s what happened here. Every detail was thoughtful and well-executed. From the excursions that tied into the brand’s rich history, to the goodies left in hotel rooms, to the overall attitude by everyone there.

My biggest takeaway was how much we learned about Elizabeth Arden, the person. I knew a little bit about her, but this trip was like a deep dive on her history. In short, she was a woman way ahead of her time. She founded a company before women even had the right to vote and then actively supported the suffragettes, even handing out red lipsticks at the marches which became a symbol for the political movement. Elizabeth Arden valued beauty and science with her products and was constantly innovating in the beauty and skincare space.

With everything happening in current events right now, it felt like the trip couldn’t have happened at a better time. The female empowerment was strong and I think everyone walked away wanting to be better women and better supporters of each other’s success.

(Can you tell I had a great time?!?! I meant to keep it short and sweet but there’s just so much that I want to gush about!)

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Won’t You Be My Neighbor

While flying down to Charleston, I watched the Mister Rogers documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor. I had planned on trying to write during the flight, but I wasn’t feeling up for a 6am writing sesh and opted for a movie. It was phenomenal. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it sooner– if you haven’t, I highly recommend you add it to your weekend plans. I grew up watching Mister Rogers, but I think because I was a kid when I watched it, I didn’t fully grasp the depths that the show went to. The documentary shows interviews with Fred Rogers, various cast/crew members, his family, etc. and talks about the history– and the importance – of the show. He covered deep and meaningful topics that he felt were important for children to understand. I did NOT expect to cry as much as I did and I’m pretty sure the lady sitting next to me thought I was a complete basket case. (Again, remember it was 6 am in the morning!)

TWO // Tuckernuck’s October Lifestyle Guide

I know I include these every time I new one comes out… but what can I say? I think they do such a great job providing inspiration for real outfits. I want everything and just love the way they used NYC as a backdrop! I legitimately want to copy every single out…

THREE // Preppy Prosthetics 

Bridget, the author of the blog Preppy Prosthetics came to Maxie’s book tour in NYC last week. She had reached out to me before so it was amazing to actually get to meet her again in person!! After seeing her again, I revisited her blog and found myself reading quite a few blog posts…. but this one about her brand new waterproof leg really caught my attention! First of all, it’s a beautiful work of art and I’ve never seen anything like it with the hydrangea print. And then I realized that she designed the painting herself. I was even more impressed.

FOUR // Posthumous Father/Daughter Dance

Warning, don’t watch this in public 😉I bawled my eyes out watching this bride dance with her brothers at her wedding. They surprised her with a song that pieced together clips from home movies of her late father speaking. It was a beautiful moment and I can only imagine how much it meant to her and her family.

FIVE // A Special Tap Dance

Another heartwarming viral video from Facebook. This one is of a grandfather and granddaughter doing a tap dance for a recital. He’s a surprisingly great tap dancer and the duo just couldn’t be cuter… he even whips out a cartwheel in the end!

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I feel like it’s so easy to judge fashion and beauty brands superficially; understanding the history of these brands really bring a new appreciation for them! It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make something appear so beautiful and effortless! // Tuckernuck’s lifestyle guide is so dreamy! Who wouldn’t want to move to NYC after seeing that post? 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Dear Carly,
I just want you to know that I really love to read your daily posts while eating breakfast.

Greetings from Germany!


Brittany Higdon

Oh, girl, I BAWLED watching the Mr. Rogers documentary too. So much so that my boyfriend had to wait outside the car for a while while I fixed my makeup before dinner. It was so beautifully moving!

Lauren Parent

Carly, I want to thank you for being my daily inspiration for outfits and lifestyle. I love that you put together REAL outfits for girls like me to wear on the daily!

Caitlin Mary Dermody

I love reading Bridget’s posts on Preppy Prosthetics! She offers her readers the perfect mix of inspiration and style in every post! Definitely something everyone should check out!


I love preppy prosthetics! One of my favorite blogs right now – Bridget is so inspiring and fashionable, of course! ❤️


What an inspiration that Bridget of Preppy Prosthetics is!! She is a great role model for all young ladies as well as people in general! Reading about her heart transplant was a “heart” warming story! God Bless her!


I love the pretty prosthetics!! That hydrangea print is amazing and Bridget is a beacon of light!


I look forward to reading Preppy Prosthetics. Bridget is such a strong, inspiring young woman with a great sense of style. It’s always a feel good read!


The Father/Daughter dance melted my heart. I cried as soon as I heard her father’s voice. There’s certain people & events that touch your soul. Bridget from Preppy Prosthetic is one of those people. She is absolutely amazing. I followed her journey through her heart transplant & enjoy reading her blog. Nowadays we live in such a fast paced world & take so much for granted. Bridget has overcome so many hurdles. What an inspiration!!! You go girl!!!

Mary Kay

Reading Preppy Prosthetics most recent entry left me realizing it is more about the journey than the destination itself. Learn to enjoy the moments taking you where you are going makes the destination that much better. Bridget, you are amazing!

Colleen Heckman

Preppy Prosthetics is such an excellent blog.
Bridget’s deeply personal story and thoughts are an inspiration to all. I can’t wait to read her blog each time she posts! And wow… that hydrangea print… so artsy and fashionable !
Keep up the excellent blog Bridget !

Colleen ☺️