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Welcome to another On My Radar. This past week has been one of my favorites, ever. My trip to Paris was incredible and I can’t wait to share more of it with you guys in the next week. In the meantime, you can check out my Instagram for some of the posts + I saved all of my Paris Instagram Stories to a highlight on my page. I will be sharing more details of what we did and what I wore.

Ugh, I have to admit that it was pretty lovely to check out from reality for a few days. I worked for two hours or so every night, but generally kept my laptop shut. (One of the benefits of being ahead 5/6 hours… I was able to save my work until the very end of the night and just do the most pressing things.) Reentry to the real world hasn’t even been that bad because I came back in such a great mood!

Carly Paris

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Margaux Boots

These boots were hands down the best thing I packed for Paris. They arrived about two hours before I left for my flight so I hadn’t walked at all in them when I packed them in my suitcase. I was wary about how I’d do considering my foot issues and how much walking traveling entails. Well, I think I walked 30 miles in them over the course of the trip and the verdict is that they are ridiculously comfortable and so easy to walk in. They look amazing on too– super flattering. I am usually a 37.5 in European sizing and a “true 7” in US sizing. I went up to a 38 in these, especially since I knew I’d wear comfortable socks. The only breaking in I had to do was where the top of the shoe hit my leg, but I stuck a nude band-aid on my leg and used this friction stick.

TWO // Happiness with Social Media

In a previous On My Radar, shared Elle Mills’ Youtube video where she talked about her depression. She recently did a sit-down video with another Youtuber this week talking more in-depth about social media. It’s more like a podcast than a video, so even though it’s long, you don’t have to sit and watch the whole thing. I plugged my headphones in and listened to it while I unpacked my suitcase. They don’t come to any significant “answers” about how to deal with social media and mental health, which I actually found to be a good thing– there is no right/wrong or clear cut path on what you should do. It’s a conversation and ever evolving. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

THREE // Brooks Brothers Picks

I just popped onto Brooks Brother’s website this week and found some super cute items. It’s the best time of year to wear plaid, and I have a hard time resisting! This plaid shirt might just be the ~perfect~ plaid shirt. And this ruffled one is a close second– I actually think that this would look great dressed up with either tuxedo pants or a full skirt (ummm this skirt though) and heels for a holiday party. I am also obsessedwith this bow brooch. Perfect for coat lapels, blazers, and even just zhushing up simple sweaters.

FOUR // Best Breakup Advice

Everyone who has been through a breakup knows just how tough it can be. Even though it’s an emotional process, I thought it was one of the worst physical feelings as well. Ugh. I posted about my breakup advice last fall and it’s still one of my top posts every month. Cup of Jo posted reader comments with personal anecdotes about getting through breakups… and they are all SO GOOD. 

FIVE // KJP Family Halloween Costume

This was, without a doubt, the best Halloween costume I saw online. So, so freaking good. Harry as the penguin made me laugh as he waddled right to the camera. As always, they nailed it!

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Your Paris trip looks like it was amazing! I love how French chic you were with your beret! That J. Crew tulle skirt is gorgeous, the bow around the waist is just the perfect detail. I wish I had somewhere to wear so that I had an excuse to buy it lol


Your use of the word “zhushing.” I’m dying :)))) If you ever need a new podcast rec, Forever35 is the best (all about self-care!) and one of the hosts, Doree, is known for her love of a “zhush” of face mist, toner, etc. Your use of the word has me convinced you would like their episodes! Have a great day!