Together in Tweed

As tough as social media can be at times– whether it’s making you feel bad about your life, disrupting your sleep, or the source of bullying– it can be a good thing. Obviously, I blog full time and have been able to see a lot of the good of social media, but one thing that I hadn’t expected when I started my little ole blog 10 years ago was how many people I would ultimately meet– and become friends with.

A good portion of my friends are people I met through social media. And you don’t have to be a full-time blogger to reap the benefits. (I think it goes without saying that you have to be safe about it….) Maybe I would have crossed paths at some point with one or two of my friends? But probably not. Instead, I’ve met amazing women (and men) through their blogs, my blog, Instagram, etc. I do feel like you get to know people that you know right off the bat you have things in common with. And the best part? Geography doesn’t matter!

One of these friends is Daphne. We can’t remember when we started following each other on Instagram, but once I found her account it was friends at first like 😂It was pretty much virtual following, liking, and commenting for a while and you really do get a sense of friendship. (Even typing that out seems strange!!) During one of Daphne’s trips to NYC, we got together and immediately hit it off “in real life.” It’s a bit of a relief when you actually meet someone who you have only communicated through a screen before.

She lives in Paris and I like to think of her as my French twin. My French is extremely limited but she speaks English perfectly (and even speaks/sounds like American) so we don’t have a language barrier.

Every time we get the chance to see each other, we make it a priority. While I was in Paris, we even double dated and stayed at the table for I think over five hours– the four of us couldn’t stop talking! (And we already can’t wait for another one in December when she and Vincent, her will-be-husband, travel to the NYC.) I wanted to shoot a new Gal Meets Glam outfit with a professional photographer while I was in Paris and asked Daphne for recommendations. She had just received her new GMG dress so we decided to do it together.

If these photos don’t make you want to book a trip to Paris, I’m not sure what will. Every single corner of the city is more charming than the last. We shot these on Île Saint-Louis, which is one of the islands on the Seine. It feels like stepping back in time, which was perfect for the GMG vintage-inspired dresses.

Gal Meets Glam Collection

I am wearing the cutest tweed matching jacket and dress. The detailing of the tweed is so pretty with hints of metallic and great texture throughout. The actual dress and jacket both have velvet detailing, including a velvet bow on the dress!

Chanel Lookalike Tweed

Paris Photoshoot

Paris Photo Idea

Carly Heitlinger

Daphne Mode and the City

Vintage Paris

Beret Outfit Inspiration

How to Style a Beret

Paris Photo Door


Paris Cafe Tweed Parisian Cafe Photoshoot

Tweed Jacket (c/o) // Tweed Dress (c/o) // Shoes // Beret

Daphne’s GMG dress

Photos by Margot Mchn– if you need a photographer in Paris, I can’t recommend her enough. 

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Ahh you two ladies are so lovely together! My favourite shot has got to be the one of you two looking up from the steps (fourth to last photo); it’s like the two of you were just having a casual chat and just so happened to look up gracefully and candidly. // I’m so glad to have found friends in the blogosphere! Because personal lifestyle blogging overlaps with our personal lives so much, having the common bond of blogging isn’t just a similarity of hobbies or careers (I’m a hobby blogger!), but a similarity in the ways we approach life, take in new experiences, reflect upon them, and share them. Admittedly, I still get nervous about meeting blog friends in real life and get self-conscious about whether real life will measure up with expectations derived from online interactions, but most of the time, it turns out that there was nothing to worry about in the first place 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Allie N.

You two ARE twins! Love that you are such good friends and that you met via social media. 🙂

Grace McCrocklin

AHHH this is per.fect.ion. I found Daphne through your blog, and I’m obsessed! I (used to) speak French so I love listening to her insta stories and reading her posts to try and keep up my comprehension skills. You two together is just alllll the heart eyes!!


These are wonderful shots!
Love seeing the two of you together in Paris:) As I follow the two of you, it is nice to see a union of two wonderful people with great style! Thank you for sharing!

Kacie Nelson

Love this Carly! You both look amazing in your GMG dresses and Paris is such a dream. I really want to try to visit next year.

Xo, Kacie | theprettylittlehustler.com


I love Île St-Louis! Were you able to get ice cream there or was it too chilly?

The views of Notre Dame in the background of your photos are just stunning. I was last in Paris just a few months ago and you’re making me want to go back already!!

grace atwood

Carly I just LOVE these photos of you two. And I totally agree. One of the very best parts of doing what we do is the friendships that we make along the way! xo


Lovely! <3 My husband and I celebrated our honeymoon starting in Paris this past June and we also hired a professional photographer. As a professional wedding photographer, I have always found the best way to celebrate any occasion is with a photo shoot to memorialize it. I enjoyed hearing about your trip and the GMG dresses are so lovely.