Parent Trap Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween! To be honest, I haven’t totally celebrated the holiday for years. I haven’t even been able to hand out candy to kids… and this year is no exception as I’ll be on a flight back from Paris. One year!!! I do have very fond memories of Halloween growing up because my best friend always had a party at her house. All the moms would be inside and we’d go trick-or-treating with the dads. We stopped dressing up in sixth grade (poodle skirts! they were amazing!), but we’d still get together at her house.

My mom was always made our Halloween costumes too. Like handmade them from patterns and tweaked them however we wanted. No storebought costumes for us!! I even requested “Winter Barbie” the year we moved to Florida, which ended up being a terrible mistake because the costume was made for freezing Boston but we were trick-or-treating in 90 degree Florida. I was a Dalmatian, a cow, a bunny, a clown (horrifying, really), Tinkerbell, cowgirl, a Barbie, a mime (which was cool but, like, also why?), a 50s girl… and others that I just can’t remember. But mom made them all!

Once I stopped dressing up after sixth grade, I stopped dressing up altogether. To be honest, I kind of hate costumes 99% of the time. So color me shocked when I decided to do a costume with my friend Carly. She and I share a name and a monogram and are often confused for each other over email. We also share an obsession for The Parent Trap (plus like 100 movies, Broadway plays, celebrities, and especially TV shows).

I bought these shoes about a month ago and then I was watching The Parent Trap on Freeform one night and had a “brilliant beyond brilliant idea” to do Hallie and Annie for Halloween. I immediately texted Carly and knew she’d be game.  Within a day, we had ordered or pieced together all parts of the costume. I have to say… I think we nailed it.

We posted it to Instagram and I LOVE how enthusiastic everyone is for The Parent Trap. It makes my heart happy!!

Parent Trap Halloween Costume

Parent Trap Halloween Costume Idea  Halloween Costume Idea Duo Parent Trap Halloween Costume  Parent Trap Halloween Costumes

I wore: this headband, this jacket, this skirt, these shoes, and this travel cosmetic case.

Carly wore a denim jacket she owned with shorts she found on Poshmark – they are SUCH a great match. But it’s the yellow duffle that really made the whole thing work. Seriously, so good. She even painted her nails blue and wore friendship bracelets.

For the oxford shirt photos, Carly bought her pink one from Ralph Lauren but the peach was harder to find. I ended up poring through eBay and Poshmark and only found one in a size that would sort of work for me. But one was all I needed!

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My mom would always hand make my costumes too! When I was 5 she made a Cousin It costume from the the Addams Family, and looking back now I did not appreciate how well done it was when I was little. Your costume is so cute! I love making a costume out of clothes that I can wear normally!


I love these costumes, they’re really cute and perfect for someone who isn’t TOTALLY into Halloween but still wants to be involved in the festivities. Now I want to rewatch The Parent Trap.


That is an accurate interpretation for sure. Nice to have fond Halloween memories. Homemade costumes are the best! Did you learn to sew from her?

Carrie Anderson

Omg Carly, this was one of my favorite movies growing up! When you put the poll up on your Insta stories 1961 vs. 1998 version I was so conflicted and I didn’t want to choose. I am a big Hayley Mills fan.

Your costumes are perfect!!!

Ps. Thanks for linking the shoes you’re wearing. Perfect Chanel substitute. 😉


I love this! I want to do the one with the duffle with my twin sister! We have always loved this movie too!!

Batya Gold Wiener

Hi! Are you selling these costumes by any chance? My friend and I would love to buy them off you!