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I hope everyone had a good week. Other than pulling my back out Wednesday night (😩), it was an overall pretty good week. My family was in town this past weekend and we had SUCH a great time. We knew it was going to be crazy in the city because of the holidays, but it was worth it. My dad, sister, and I went ice skating (while Meesh watched from the sidelines). It. Was. Freezing!!

It’s crazy that in just a week I’m going back to Florida to celebrate Christmas… and then it’s basically 2019. Whatttttt!

Hoboken Christmas

Okay…. here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Sweetest Christmas Ad

This is for a European Bank (I think), but man did it give me all the feels!!! It’s the cutest, sweetest, and most heartwarming commercial I’ve ever seen. I usually feel like Publix’s holiday commercials can’t be beat (#FloridaGirl), but this one takes emotional Christmas advertisements to a new level.

TWO // Mini Ugg Boots

I bit the bullet last week and bought a new pair of Ugg boots. I have had a discontinued pair for years and they are the best, but I wanted something shorter. Two of my roommates in college had the mini pair and when one of my friends recently wore them with leggings, I was reminded of how cute they are. I already love them and feel like they’re a great addition to my winter shoe arsenal! I found them to run super, super large. I usually wear a 7 and ended up getting the 6, but I feel like a 5.5 (if they did half sizes) would work. Definitely go down a size (or two if you’re in between).

THREE // Easy Roasted Chicken

One of the things I wanted to do before I turn 30 is to nail a signature dish. Even though it’s not the most exciting, I think I’m going to make it a roast chicken. I’ve become a little obsessed with it actually. It’s surprisingly SO easy to do, but you feel like Martha freaking Stewart when you pull out a perfectly golden, crispy chicken from the oven. One of the food bloggers I follow just released a post + video on how she roasts a chicken in a cast iron skillet. I’m going to test it out for my next cooking night!

FOUR // Tampax Menstrual Cup

I just found out that Tampax released a menstrual cup and I am so excited to see it. “Excited” probably isn’t the right word, haha, but I do think it’s a sign that menstrual cups are going mainstream. You may remember that I made the switch from tampons to a menstrual cup this summer and I have NOT LOOKED BACK. I’ve gotten a handful of emails asking if I’ve stuck with it and the answer is: YES.

FIVE // Netflix

I’m finding the amount of content Netflix is churning out to be a little overwhelming. Everything looks amazing, but there are simply not enough hours in the week to watch it all! I did end up watching The American Meme while I was typing in addresses for stamps for my corporate gifts and found it to be pretty interesting. I actually think it the fact that it was filmed in 2017 and it already felt a little outdated was one of the craziest parts about it. I think they could have picked better– or more– people to feature, as the stories were a little predictable. Different stories would have been interesting or more stories that featured the same kind of psychological trauma would have made for a better thesis. It’s easy to cherry-pick storylines with just a handful of creators. Still would recommend watching!

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I totally am with you on the mini-Uggs! I still a rock a pair I have had since 8th grade, and that was 10 years ago ahahah!! I love them so much and will not get rid of them, but maybe I need an upgraded pair because I really like the color of yours!!

xoxo Libby

ps–I hope your back feels better!

Christina G

I’ll be visiting family in FL for the first time at Christmas this next week. Do you have any suggestions for some fun activities? I’ll be in the Sarasota/Bradenton area!


I thought the american meme was super interesting! It reminded me of the True Life episode featuring Miranda Sings. I watched Dumplin’ on Netflix last night, I recommend it! Super cute.


Hi Carly! Something is off on the homepage for me this morning – there’s a long column of images and I have to scroll down pretty far to get to the first post. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue too.

And I hope your back is feeling better today!


I love my mini UGG boots! I actually got them to be slippers for around the house because I felt like my ankles were always cold (I already had the moccasins). They’ve made it out of the house a few times though!


One: I hate that you pulled your back out — been there, done that, and it’s the worst. Last time I did that, it was so debilitating that I had to get an MRI to make sure it wasn’t something more severe — let me tell you, there’s nothing more humbling than having to ask the radiology tech to help you put your pants back on because now you’re stuck and can’t bend over, lol!

Two: Publix holiday commercials for life! I miss the ones with the pilgrim salt and pepper shakers!