ON MY RADAR 12.22.23

Hello, hello! Today is going to be my last scheduled post before 2024! I may pop in a couple of times here and there, but for the most part, I want to take a step away and have a nice little break. This year has been hard. It’s been joyous and filled with a lot of beautiful moments and we have so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to, but I would be remiss to say that 2023 wasn’t filled with my very hardest and darkest days too. I feel like I’m crawling to the finish line right now and I know a little break is necessary.

(Also, you know what’s even crazier? Next week is my blog’s 15th anniversary. FIFTEEN!)

If we don’t chat until 2024, I hope you have a great holiday season and a happy New Year!

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // “The Year of the Girl”

So I really wanted to like this article– I think there’s something actually there about 2023 being “the year of the girl” and I was hoping this article would capture it. It does fall short, in my opinion, but it got me thinking about why I think 2023 was “the year of the girl.” An interesting, at the very least, thought starter!

TWO // Bow Claw Clips

Speaking of girly things, when I was doing an Instagram gift Q&A, I found these bow claw clips. HOW CUTE! I’ve been loving claw clips lately. (These are my go-to everyday clips.) These bow ones are such a fun way to add a little “pop” to your hair.

THREE // White Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Chocolate Cookies

I’m resharing these (AGAIN) because trust me, they’re that good. I have never made something from an internet recipe and gotten this many compliments or positive feedback. They’re the perfect holiday cookie– I’m going to make another batch this weekend for Christmas. I don’t even think you need to dip them in the white chocolate. You could just serve the peppermint chocolate cookie on their own. Someone mentioned that they would be great as the base of an ice cream sandwich and I couldn’t agree more. YUM YUM YUM. (There’s a white version too!)

FOUR //Knit Dress

I’ve been all about knit dresses lately. I don’t know if this dress is new or if it’s just out there in new colorways, but wow I love. I wish I had ordered the hunter green earlier this month so I’d have it in time for holiday parties– but I may still get it for the winter months anyway!

FIVE // Hosting Parties

I want to be better about hosting people for little parties. I have some personal hangups I need to get over and I loved this TikTok that popped up on my FYP. It’s inspiring me to just go for it!

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Thanks for sharing – and happy new year! I’m also hoping to get better at hosting for smaller occasions, and am using the completion of a kitchen renovation in (hopefully) February as a motivator to have people over more regularly. Would love to see hosting content from you!