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Rabbit, rabbit! Happy February. I was seeing all these memes on Instagram about how January has a gajillion days– it totally feels like it.

This is a huge on my radar post this week. I blame the extremely cold temps– as you can tell, I was doing a bit more scrolling and browsing than usual!! I had to choose this picture of Teddy for the post. The dogs are not into the cold temps and I swear they went into hibernation mode. They’ve never been more cuddly.


Okay, here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Ryan’s Cancer Update

Ashley’s husband Ryan just finished treatment for cancer!!!! I couldn’t be more excited (and relieved) for them as they enter this next stage. Love them so much. We can’t wait to double date with them to celebrate!

TWO // An Onion Article That Made Me LOL

I actually laughed out loud when I read this post on The Onion– it’s hysterical and so accurate. I don’t know about you guys, but my sister and I have hoarded nearly all of our schoolwork over the years.

THREE // Navy Tiger Loafer

Umm…. how flipping CUTE are these navy tiger loafers? My friend and I popped into the Banana Republic this past weekend and we both were drawn to these! They look so much more expensive than they actually are.

FOUR // You May Never Have Things Under Control, But You Can Have a Pajama Set

My friend Grace sent this to me because she knew I would love it– and she wasn’t wrong. This is 100% me. I’m all about a matching pajama set and, YES, I do feel more put together at the end of the day even if things are actually chaos.

FIVE // TV Shows for Couples

We had been watching Ozark, but we gave up on it because it got a little too crazy. Now we’re hooked on The Americans and love how many seasons are already out– perfect for cold winter nights when we don’t feel like going out. Cup of Jo posted about shows this week and shared a few good series for couples– plus a TON of great recommendations in the comments.

SIX // Grosgrain Ribbon Slides

Obsessed with these slides. I have no tropical vacations planned, but if I did I would pack these. (I actually may try to DIY a pair because it doesn’t look too complicated!)

SEVEN // Man is accidentally invited to a bachelor party… and goes.

Seth Meyers shared this story as “the kind of story we need right now” and I agree. Every detail shared made me laugh (especially the matching shirts)– love hearing good spirited stories like this!

EIGHT // Oxford Exchange Bookshelf

My fave store in Tampa Oxford Exchange is starting a book of the month club. Every month you receive a curated first-edition signed book. I’ve met their buying team and I know that they are always on the hunt for the best up and coming things. I especially love the children’s collection– would make a great gift for kids!!

NINE // Bow Mule

I usually pull links onto my desktop throughout the week and don’t think about it again until I go to write the On My Radar post. Well, apparently I’m lusting over shoes. (I think it’s because I’m so limited in what I can wear with the below-freezing temps!) How gorg are these navy mules?

TEN // Hillbilly Elegy Adaptation Coming to Netflix

Saved the best for last. Hillbilly Elegy is one of my favorite books. I think about it often and it’s consistently at the top of my list of recommended reading for friends. JD’s story is incredible and I can’t wait to see it as a movie on Netflix.

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Patricia Haddad

OMGosh… those Banana republic shoes!!! I too would have walked right over to them in the store. Also glad to see you are friends with Ashley and Ryan. I also read her blog everyday (along with yours!). Keep up your great blog!


Oh my gosh I’m glad I’m not alone in saving old schoolwork! I still have have notebooks and papers from high school and definitely have things saved from college. You never know when it might come in handy (lol it most of it won’t, but I worked hard on some of those assignments)!


I really needed to read that bachelor party story this morning! After planning our wedding last year, I’m always looking for the odd story about the planning process to make me laugh.


That’s super cool about Oxford Exchange and their new book club! Love going there and even better to know their buying team is always on the lookout for unique new things! Makes me realize I need to plan a St. Pete/Tampa trip super soon!



I loved the Americans! Just finished the whole series and am glad to hear someone else is watching…an amazing show that doesn’t get enough credit!

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

All these shoes are reminding me of the Madewell Remi bow mules I bought in September! I miss wearing them and I wish the weather would warm up haha. Ham and Teddy have got it right. I’ve been spending more evenings knitting, listening to podcasts, and drinking tea — my go-to indoor activities when it’s cold out! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


So happy for your friends! I love your dog. He is SO cute. The Americans is a really, really good show! Hope you are enjoying it! Happy Friday!


The Onion post was too funny! I have boxes of my old schoolwork, including the rocket I made in 8th grade and my report on Canada in the 6th grade. Important stuff, LOL!