Staples I’m Adding

Even though it was so nice to pare down belongings with the KonMari method, one additional benefit was that I was more clearly able to spot holes. There were four things that I felt like I didn’t have but that would be staples in my closet.

I mostly figured it out as I was going through everything in my closet, item by item, thinking, “Well, I would wear this more if I had…” and I kept saying the same few things. It really came down to three staples, and it’s so simple.

(PS Here is a post with what I consider Wardrobe Staples)

Black Turtleneck

Black + Navy Turtlenecks for Layering

I had a few skirts that definitely “sparked joy,” but I didn’t have a ton of tops to wear with, especially in cold weather. I don’t love tucking in sweaters into skirts and sometimes a button down is too fussy. Plus, I love the look of a high waisted skirt and a tucking in a tee is a great way to accentuate it. I also had a couple of dresses that are sleeveless and I was at a loss for how to style them without wearing a cardigan. The more I thought of it, the more versatile these turtlenecks would be: under dresses, with jeans and a vest, under a sweater, with a blazer, tucked into a skirt… etc!


Cashmere Scarf

Black Cashmere Scarf

I’ve been talking about a black cashmere scarf for a while, and I found the most amazing deal on one. Sometimes it pays off to wait to the “end” of the season! (But I know I’m going to get so much use out of it.) What I love about this particular cashmere scarf is that it’s oversized but not a full-on blanket. It’s lightweight, but still super warm.

Navy Heels

Navy Heels

As I was going through my closet, I was thinking on more than one occasion, “Why don’t I wear this dress more?” And I realized it’s because I don’t have navy heels. I have a lot of summer shoes (nude sandals) that I can wear with my navy dresses, but not a lot of options that I love for the winter. I have a great pair of nude pumps and black pumps…. but no navy! I have three dresses hanging on the clothing rack in my office just waiting for navy pumps.

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I’m with you-going through my closet with the KonMari method, I’ve noticed the staples I’ve been lacking. Turtlenecks have been my go-to for pencil skirts this season!


How is the quality of the cashmere in the scarf from Club Monaco? I’ve been looking for one and hope this it is! I planned to purchase from J.Crew but have been really disappointed in the quality of some of their cashmere items this season — I recently purchased cashmere gloves and a cardigan that are surprisingly scratchy. Thanks!


I have this same scarf from last season and it’s amazing quality and super soft 🙂 100% recommend.

Emily MacDonald

Love the staples assessment ! I would love to see how you style the turtlenecks! I have a solid black one and solid white one and planned to wear with skirts to work but never really know how to accessorize since necklaces are a bit weird with turtlenecks!?


I have a black cashmere Ralph Lauren scarf that was my grandmother’s. It is easily my most-worn accessory in winter! Such a classic piece 🙂


I was JUST talking about how I needed a black cashmere scarf, but I didn’t think I’d be able to find a good deal on one. This is perfect!


Great staples to keep! The KonMari method has shown me what I need to add as well as what does not give me joy anymore.


Love the staples! Can I ask what color tights you would wear if you are getting navy pumps to go with navy dresses in the winter? I also have navy dresses that I never find myself wearing once it gets cold out because I have no idea what color tights/shoes to go with them.