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I wouldn’t say that I’m in a beauty rut right now, but I definitely haven’t been seeking out new items because I’m already happy with what I have. Sharing a few of my more “recent” obsessions. Some I’ve been a fan of for years and started using more of and others I’ve been test-driving for a few months.


Vaseline Lip Therapy // I have a ton of balms and chapsticks in my nightstand for chapped lips. I hate feeling like my lips are dry when I’m reading or trying to fall asleep. (I find it so distracting and all of a sudden it’s the only thing I can focus on… anyone else?!) With the insanely cold temps lately, we haven’t been able to turn our heat off and, as a result, everything is sooooo dry. The only thing cutting it for my lips while I sleep right now is Vaseline. I have had one of these tiny tubs for a long time– they last forever. It’s been my holy grail lately.

Marc Jacobs Eyeliner // Prefacing this by saying that I despise glitter. Anything with glitter is the bane of my existence, except apparently, this eyeliner. I only use it about once a week when I want to feel a little ~fancier~. It goes on super smoothly and the glitter totally adds an unexpected (and not overwhelming) pop. It quite literally makes my eyes sparkle! I was genuinely surprised at how much I love it considering my disdain for glitter!

L’Occitane Hand Cream // Obsessed. Obsessed. Obsessed. I’ve long been a fan of L’Occitane, but right now I’m even more so, especially of the hand creams. I’ve had to scatter these little tubes everywhere. I hate the feeling of dry hands. (Makes me shudder to even think of it!) I don’t have a preference in scents, I use them all! I have more than I need right now, but I’m totally lusting over these limited edition Rifle Paper Co designs!

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion // Sometimes (okay, all the time) mom is right. My mom is a HUGE fan of Cetaphil and she passed the love of the brand down onto my sister and me. I usually don’t use body lotion, but in the winter it’s a must. I lather it on right out of the shower and never have to worry about dry legs or itchy elbows.

Fresh Morning Rose Fragrance // So I have a few perfumes in my arsenal that I love to switch between. This has been one of my favorites for days when I’m not in the mood for a full perfume, but still want a tiny bit of a scent. It’s a very, very light rose, almost like rose water. It’s lovely and not overbearing whatsoever.

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Dry skin sufferer here! Another great item to try is the Aveeno body wash. I’m finding that it is not drying my skin out the way that other major brands do. My house is heated with a wood stove most of the time, so the humidity level is beyond low.

Southern & Style

My hands have been painfully dry lately (a combo of winter skin & washing my hands A TON!) and so I really need to try out that hand cream!

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style


i love the lotion, i keep a travel-sized tube in my backpack and purse for whenever dryness strikes! i’ll have to check out the perfume — i’m looking for a new, light scent since one of my favs is running low!