9 30-Minute Dinners

I’ve been nearly perfect with my cooking once a week goal so far. I actually have been quite enjoying it. But… I definitely get in the habit of letting things slide if I’m short on time and then I’m getting takeout from somewhere! Love that these recipes from Louisa take under 30 minutes. No excuses for me!

9 30-Minute Dinners

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

So many people I know have started using meal kit delivery services, which I think can be a really great way to start getting comfortable in the kitchen. But the truth is, you can save a ton of money and gain more skills in the kitchen simply by choosing recipes that are ready in 30 minutes!

I know, it seems impossible but it’s totally doable. When I test my recipes, I always set a timer so that I know how long they actually take. No recipes that actually take an hour but claim they take 30 minutes here!

Here are my favorite 30-minute dinners I’ve been making over and over again.



Stir frys are notoriously fast dinners–they are cooked at a high temperature so it means that they can be ready in as little as two to five minutes! I go in-depth into stir frying in my free 8-week cooking program (sign up here if you haven’t joined).

  1. 2. Poached salmon in curried coconut milk

Poaching is another really quick cooking method–especially when you’re cooking a delicate ingredient like salmon.

  1. 3. Sheet pan oven baked gnocchi with sausage and vegetables

Does it get easier than under 30 minutes and just one pan? I think not! Toss up some gnocchi with Italian sausages, broccoli and cherry tomatoes and you’ve got a delicious dinner (and leftovers for lunch).

  1. 4. Peanut chicken stir fry

Fast dinner = stir fry! I wasn’t kidding. This one has a delicious peanut sauce and goes really well over rice.

  1. 5. Miso salmon in parchment

This is essentially steamed salmon with snow peas and ginger. Not only does it take 30 minutes, but it also only has five ingredients.

  1. 6. Asparagus and white bean pesto pasta

Super healthy and easy, I love this vegetarian dish that gets an extra boost of protein from beans. It may sound like an odd combination, but pasta and beans is something you’ll find all over Italy.

  1. 7. Pasta with shrimp and basil

Shrimp is a super quick cooking protein and with basil and garlic, you can’t go wrong. This is one of my all-time favorite recipes, my mom used to make it for me all the time when I was growing up.

  1. 8. Grilled salmon and veggie skewers

If you don’t have a grill, you could also use a grill pan or do these salmon skewers under the broiler.

  1. 9. Chicken lettuce wraps

This is one of my simplest lettuce wrap recipes! They are Asian-inspired with ground chicken, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, and lime juice.

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Yes! I love quick and realistic recipes. The salmon sounds straight up my alley, as miso is one of my favourite ingredients. Thanks for sharing! <3


That shrimp pasta sounds so good! I have a bunch of shrimp in my freezer right now and I’ve just been using it to make shrimp fried rice (also so quick), but I’ll have to change it up and make the pasta!