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Hope you guys had a great week and a fun Valentine’s Day! One big highlight from the week was going to see Green Book on Monday night. It was so great!! I canceled my Movie Pass subscription last year (because I could never find a movie time anymore) and I haven’t been going as frequently. But I love going to the movies. I’m going to try to go more, especially while it’s still cold out.

Speaking of that, this weekend I’m going to go see Waitress on Broadway and then What Men Want at the movie theater sometime. It’s going to be a very chill, but hopefully relaxing weekend.


Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Pointed Toe Ballet Flats

One of the things I need to tackle this weekend is my shoe closet. That makes it sound like I have a gorgeous closet dedicated solely (😉) to my shoes, but it’s actually a small closet in my office where I have to store them because I don’t have any other space for them. It’s a complete mess right now as I’ve just been tossing shoes in there. I need to go through everything and organize and do a small purge of shoes that I don’t wear anymore or don’t like. One thing I knew I had to replace was a pair of light pink pointed toe flats. They’re pretty destroyed because I wore them a lot. I ordered these as a replacement and they are here and I LOVE them. They’re more “nude” than they are pink, but very beautiful and structured.

TWO // Brownie Cookie Cut Outs

I received a little box of cookies as part of a PR package. I meant to only eat one of the cookies and then before I knew it, all four were gone. Whoops. They tasted like a cross between brownies and a regular sugar cookie. I stalked the girl who made them on Instagram, as one does, and figured out the recipe she used because she had linked to it on her story! Here’s the recipe; I haven’t made them yet, but my mom did and loved them too.

THREE // Gingham Slingbacks

Love that slingbacks are making a comeback. These gingham heels might just be calling my name. I love the Mary-Jane buckle too– feels a little more retro that way!

FOUR // Ellen Pompeo’s Ariana “Music Video”

Who else has been jamming out to Ariana Grande lately??? I can’t get enough. Ellen Pompeo filmed a mini music video while on the set of Grey’s Anatomy on her Instagram and it’s everything. Actually, it makes me want to get caught up on Grey’s!! It used to be my favorite show and I watched up until a couple of years ago. Maybe it’ll be my next show to “binge” when I finish watching Gossip Girl.

FIVE // Dolphin Says Hi

One of the best parts of living in Florida was being really close to marine creatures all the time. Especially doing crew, not a week would go by without seeing a manatee and if we were lucky, we’d have a dolphin come by for a visit. One of the best days was when we were on the water and a dolphin started swimming and playing in between two boats. Our coach put his megaphone down and the 19 of us (16 rowers, two coxswains, and one coach) silently went down the river kind of holding our breath while the little guy ducked in and out of our oars. Seeing this video on Facebook brought back that memory!

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Ahh I’ve been wanting to watch What Men Want! Love Taraji P Henson. // I have all the ingredients for the brownie cookie cut oats, so I might give those a try in the next few weeks! This week I’ve been especially wanting to bake, probably because of the weather haha. Have a great weekend! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


I love smitten kitchen and that brownie cookie recipe has been in my saved recipe folder for so long now! I have no idea why I haven’t made them yet, but I just got a kitchen aid mixer as a gift and I’m definitely going to try them now!


Are the margaux flats better if you try them on in person? I want to buy some online (my jcrew mercantile flats are pretty trashed after 2 years).


I’d use their size chart. Each shoe has a slightly different fit. I went up 1/2 size from the demi flat and down 1/2 size from the boots!


Hi! I’ve been looking at the Margaux Pointe flat too and was wondering how they fit before ordering. Too big/small or did you take your normal size? Thanks!


I’d use their size chart. Each shoe has a slightly different fit. I went up 1/2 size from the demi flat and down 1/2 size from the boots!


I love Smitten Kitchen! Her easy pizza dough (ready in 30 min) and her peach crisp have become go to recipes for me. 🙂


My grandmother bought me a gold dolphin charm from Greece when I was a teenager. I always put it on after a dolphin encounter and considered so lucky. I need to pry that thing off my charm necklace so I can wear it individually! It’s a charmed life growing up in Florida!


Love Waitress! I just saw Anastasia last night and it was my childhood dream come true. Also pinned that brownie cookie recipe to try this weekend- it’ll be much deserved. Hope you have a great weekend!