Guilty Pleasures

This weekend crept up on me in terms of planning. I knew I could turn it into a long weekend, but just didn’t take the time to plan anything. I realized earlier this week that I had a wide-open weekend…. and what’s a girl to do? I’m unapologetically filling it with as many guilty pleasures as I can.


– Going to the movies is a guilty pleasure for me alone (especially if I do it at a weird time, like ducking out in the middle of the workweek). However, my real guilt kicks in when I get a Diet Coke. I used to drink soda all the time growing up and then one day gave it up cold turkey. I went years without it, but now I indulge every now and then. I probably have a soda once every two months? I will absolutely be having a Diet Coke this weekend at the movies!!

– I’m also going to get a massage. I actually try to get one every week, even if it’s just 20 minutes. I have a relatively low maintenance beauty routine so I don’t mind splurging on a massage every week. Well, I go to a super cheap place where it’s only $55 for an hour ($45 + a $10 tip), but I will say that it’s the best massage ever and better than fancy day spas for sure. Now that I’m pretty good at meditating, I’ll spend at least the first bit of it focusing on my breathing and that combined with the actual massage is pure heavenly bliss.

– I also have plans to meet up with Meghan for breakfast on Sunday. French toast is my favorite thing to order when I don’t care about being healthy. The place we’re going doesn’t have French toast, but they do have waffles which definitely counts as a guilty pleasure.

– I have a hard time sleeping in anymore and especially with the dogs it’s usually impossible anyway. But there is no greater feeling than getting up and then being able to get back into bed. I have to do a workout today and I think I’m going to follow it up with a yoga class, but I still think I’ll be able to stay in bed extra in the morning. If I could stay in bed and catch up on Below Deck (my favorite reality tv show right now), it’d be even dreamier.

That’s all I’ve got so far on my “schedule” (haha) for guilty pleasures. I do have to do some productive things so it’s not like the weekend will totally be a waste. But I’m so looking forward to just leaning into the indulgences.

Any fun guilty pleasures you get to indulge in this weekend?

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I have a friend visiting this weekend, so my guilty pleasure will be eating out for all our meals together! Usually I’m very strict about making my own meals, but I do so so that I don’t have to feel worried or guilty on the occasions I eat out with friends. So I guess that’s just a pleasure then — no guilt! ^-^ Enjoy your long weekend Carly! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Hey Carly! I have been reading your blog for years and love it so please don’t take them as a huge criticism or anything, but it kind of bums me out that you refer to things like getting a message, eating French toast, and sleeping in as “guilty pleasures”. Why feel guilty about them? In a world that glorifies busy and productivity, I think it’s important now more than ever to enjoy little things like the ones you mentioned above. The term “indulgences” that you used is a little better than “guilty pleasures”, although I still think “indulgences” indicates some level of gratuitous-ness in your actions (and you should not feel gratuitous about any of the things you’re doing at all). Just wanted to share my two cents- enjoy your entire weekend and don’t feel guilty about any of it! 🙂


Ah so fun! I love weekends like this where you can just be and do whatever makes you happy. I finished my workout with a group of gals this morning and then going to book club this afternoon. Love weekends like this! 🙂


Oh my gosh Carly…I LOVE Below Deck! And I don’t know anyone else who watches it! So hysterical and entertaining. Your weekend plans sound so nice.


I love your outlook on guilty pleasures. I love my job of teaching, but it is all consuming during the week so I look forward to treating myself every weekend and more feeling guilty about it Today is going out for breakfast and having a chocolate waffle and playing video games. Enjoy your weekend.


Below Deck is the best!!! I LOVE Josiah and Kate! I can’t wait for the next season of Below Deck Med!

Ali Koch

Great massages sound heavenly! Do you go to a local place or a corporate massage place? Right now I go to massage envy and I’m really not feeling it [lol]. Would love a recommendation


I love Below Deck! Definitely my guilty pleasure TV show! Sad this season is over but Below Deck Med starts soon so I can’t wait! Loved hearing what your guilty pleasures are!

Caroline Anderson

I have SHAMELESSLY been watching below deck!! It comes in when I am getting home from work on Tuesdays and now I am totally hooked. Glad I’m not alone!


You have to try the French toast at Jane in Soho – it’s insane. I just had it this weekend and it was the fluffiest French toast of my life!


Hi Carly! I live in Hoboken and was wondering if you can share the name of the place where you get massages. I have been looking for a wallet friendly place in the neighborhood and haven’t quite found one yet. Thanks!