On My Radar

This is the last week I have before life gets a little crazy. I have quite a few trips lined up and, as much as I love being home (#homebody), I’m excited to visit a couple of new places as well as see my friends. This is also, I’m 90% sure, going to be my last weekend in Hoboken (🙊🤞🏻🎉). Kind of crazy, kind of overwhelming, a lot exciting.


Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Claire’s Baking Lesson Series

Claire is my favorite person on the Bon Appetit Youtube Channel. I love all of her videos because she’s a talented baker and is great at explaining the science behind the recipes, without being boring. I was so excited to see that they’re starting a baking lessons series. I think the best part is that she’s even showing you what happens if you take a shortcut– in baking, it almost always means disaster! Warning though, you will definitely crave cake after watching!!

TWO // Airpod Cases

Who else loves their Airpods??? I use mine so much! I love these Airpod case covers. So colorful! They come in sets of two and could be a fun thing to split with a friend.

THREE // S-Club 7 Surprise

My sister and I were obsessed with S-Club 7. We knew every word to every song and would choreograph dances and synchronized swimming routines to their music all the time. Zoe (aka Zoella) celebrated her 29th birthday with an epic 90s themed party and her boyfriend surprised her with an S-Club 7 performance. Best surprise ever? I think yes.

FOUR // Southern Living’s “Hey Y’all”

Okay, I totally think Southern Living is killing it at the Instagram TV game. And it’s all because of how incredible Ivy and her “Hey Y’all” series. She’s so cute and entertaining– a total natural. On one of the episodes, she shows off the home she renovated, which I totally loved!

FIVE // House Tour from Leanne Ford

I am absolutely obsessed with the design of this house. It’s gorgeous!! Every detail is better than the last, but the fireplace in the kitchen is just the greatest. Just wow. Now I will definitely be watching their show Restored by the Fords.

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Hey Carly! Why do you seem to dislike Hoboken so much? Not hate, just wondering because it’s somewhere I’ve enjoyed spending time (although just a small amount) and have considered moving. Would love to know if there are any major downsides that I am missing!


It’s largely just the apartment- so many issues! I will say it’s very much like city living though and if I’m going to do city life I think I’d rather be IN the city.


Thanks, Carly! Obviously have a lot to consider before moving anywhere, but I appreciate your insight!!


Omg, I didn’t think anybody but my sis and I liked S Club 7! We couldn’t wait for our trips to England to visit our grandparents so we could get copies of Top of the Pops to catch up on all the gossip!


OMG YES to Claire’s new series on the Bon Appetit channel!! She is one of my favorites! I once passed her while walking around the city, and I fan-girled SO hard, but I was to shy/nervous to go say hello and introduce myself ahahah! But I am so excited for more episodes in this series. I am very inspired to make a birthday cake after episode 1!
Enjoy your weekend, Carly 🙂

xx Libby


I LOVE S Club 7 haha 🙂 Also, that remodel is incredible! Keep us posted on how your move goes. Good luck!!