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Today I’m flying up to Boston for Nicole’s bridal shower. Crazy that just a year ago we were celebrating her engagement.. and her wedding is at the end of the summer. It’s been nice for me to get to connect with some of her friends (and in some cases my friends from first/second grade!) before the big day. Just so exciting.

Spring Flowers

ONE // Sezane’s Summer Collection

Sezane’s summer collection launches this Sunday! The best of the best typically sells out, so it’s definitely worth being on your computer day of if you see something you like. I took a peek through the lookbook and I’m totally obsessed. So gorgeous for summer.

TWO // Brené Brown’s Call to Courage

I mentioned this already in yesterday’s post but I loved it so much that I had to include it again in case you missed it. A bunch of people have DMed me this week saying that they watched (and loved) it as well. I just think it’s down to earth, straight forward advice.

THREE // Scoopneck Gingham Bikini

I have a similar suit from last year (in a light blue) and noticed that Factory brought it back in navy. It’s one of my favorite fits for bikinis because it’s very low-maintenance. No fussing around with ties or worries about wardrobe malfunctions. For even more options, J. Crew has its own small gingham print and a multicolored print with ruffle.

(Here’s what mine looks like on!)

FOUR // Hollie Tunic

Speaking of styles from last year, Lilly re-released the Hollie tunic in a couple of new prints. It was a staple of mine during the summer. I wore it straight from the beach (as a coverup) to dinner out. Super, super comfortable and relaxed.

(Here’s what mine looks like on!)

FIVE // BOOKSTORES by Max Joseph

If you’ve ever watched MTV’s Catfish (lol total guilty pleasure and now my friend Kamie has been hosting!), you may recognize Max! He just released a mini-documentary about reading and bookstores. Ob-sessed. Reading is definitely my favorite hobby and bookstores are my happy place. It’s a great deep dive on beautiful bookstores in Europe and South America (hello #bucketlist), while also breaking down strategies for reading more. One of my goals for the year was to read 52 books and after watching the mini-doc I was totally inspired to up the number!

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Are you a bridesmaid for Nicole? How fun! Congrats to her and I hope you both have a fabulous weekend showering her with love! 💓


Brene Brown is such an incredible researcher. I highly, highly recommend her books, especially The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly. Happy Friday!


Tomorrow is Independent Bookstore Day!! My husband and I LOVE reading and are celebrating by getting coffee and heading to a VERY cozy little bookstore near our hometown to celebrate and support that store!


I love the Scoopneck Bikini!! Is the top padded/lined well enough that it doesn’t cause any problems?