What My Girlfriends & I Are Talking About

Whenever I have to describe my blog to a brand or an agency, I always say that it’s a life and style blog and that I cover anything and everything that I’d share with a friend. Whenever I’m typing, I actually feel like I’m having a conversation. (Which is why I so appreciate comments!)

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with friends lately and a few things keep coming up between different groups. Thought it could be an interesting post to see what your thoughts were and if you and your friends were talking about something similar (or something totally new!).

Conversations with Friends

– Brené Brown on Netflix

I put this on my Instagram story earlier this week and it seems like we’re not alone in our obsession. I’m familiar with Brené Brown for a while and have watched her Ted Talk (as I believe a lot of people have). I haven’t read any of her books though. Meghan told me to watch her new special on Netflix and wow, it’s good. I intended on watching a few minutes every morning before work for a little motivation each day, but ended up watching the whole thing in one sitting. Couldn’t turn it off. So much resonated with me and I essentially started to live text Meghan with my favorite lines.

She has podcasts with Goop and Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations that I have heard are both great. Adding them to my queue!!!

Menstrual Cups

I am obsessed with menstrual cups and whenever I get the chance, I tell my girlfriends about it. Some of my girlfriends have been receptive and some think I’m absolutely nuts. But honestly, they are incredible and have totally changed my opinion on periods. Especially with summer coming up, I’ve been basically screaming it from the rooftops. The fact that you can swim and be at the beach/pool all day without having to worry about tampons is a huge selling point.

Most of the time that we’re talking about it is me just answering questions, haha. Youtube helped me out a lot and I think it will for anyone else who is on the fence.

– CBD Oil

CBD oil is also something that has been coming up a lot. I have three camps of friends: all for it, neutral, and totally against. I’ve been in the neutral camp for a while. I just didn’t know enough about it to make an informed decision one way or another. But one of my friends made a pretty compelling case for it and I think I’m more open to trying it than ever before. Things are popping up everywhere nowadays with CBD oil from lattes to massages and I think the hype is brushing off on me.

– How to have tough conversations with friends

It’s funny because I was experiencing this in one particular pocket of friendship and I kind of felt alone in it. But then (after actually having the tough conversation), I felt like it just kept coming up again and again. At Grace’s live podcast show, they had a big conversation around this (and everyone on the panel had totally different takes) and then I swear a different friend every week was talking about having to have a tough conversation themselves. All of a sudden  I felt not alone.

As horrible as it can be to sit down with a friend and talk about hard stuff, it’s usually a sign that it’s a friendship you care about. Which means, it’ll ultimately be worth it. I know I’m not the best about having those talks right up front, and instead, I hold stuff in until I’m ready to burst (not good….). But I know it’s better to deal with the tough stuff ASAP so it doesn’t turn into a larger issue down the road.

– Instagram Likes

Yes, a good chunk of my friends are bloggers so we’re typically talking about industry stuff on the reg anyway. The news of Instagram potentially not showing how many likes a post gets anymore has been a major topic of discussion. And I’m sharing it here because I think it’s relevant for everyone, influencer (gag, I know) or not.

I think it’s great. Like really great. Not just from a business perspective (ultimately I think it’s another case study for the importance of focusing on the right things like conversion and not fluff like likes), but also from a mental health perspective. Deriving value from likes is not healthy and I can only imagine what it would have been like to have this essential popularity contest in high school.

Have you had any great discussions with friends lately?? 

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My friends and I had a recent conversation about Brazilian waxes 😂 I booked an appointment before my vacation to Miami in May so there’s no turning back now.. I’ve never gotten one and am terrified of the pain but I figure getting my eyebrows threaded hurts but it’s totally worth it. So it should be fine right?? Lol.


Drink lots of water the day of your appointment, take some ibuprofen the hour before it and just breathe and relax! It will hurt, but it will be less painful afterward and you will like the results. Also, listen when they say not exercise for 24 hours after, it will help prevent ingrown hairs. You’ve got this!


Wear some soft cotton undies and the loosest pants or skirt you can!!

My friends and I used to talk about this all the time, and then one by one we started getting laser and talking about that, converting each other one by one. As expensive as it is, if you’re getting waxed regularly it turns out to be a money and time saver. I’ve become evangelical!


I love this post! I’ve recently made a big move across the country so we’ve been talking about how relocating is going. That encompasses decorating the apartment, exploring my new area and building my career. My girlfriends and I have been talking about personal finances more, healthy habits, and aging parents.


Isn’t it so nice to have a group of friends to talk about all the big stuff??? Love it!


I’m a year in to using a menstrual cup and I’ll never go back!! Be very wary of the CBD oil though – there’s no regulation to it at all, and they could be selling you pretty much anything and calling it CBD. That’s what makes us in healthcare nervous about it.


I love Brene Brown too and found her convo with Dax Shepherd on his podcast to be another really great listen – another one to add to your list 😉

Catherine Hannum

Period cups, Brene Brown, and CBD oil have been HUGE topics in my friend groups.

I am a huge advocate of period cups – they are seriously life changing and I will tell anyone who will listen.

CBD oil has been a big topic too – I live in Boston and now that marijuana is recreationally legalized, dispensaries are popping up everywhere. I’ve had a medical cannabis card for a few years, and use CBD regularly to help with pain management and anxiety. I’ve found it to be majorly helpful and life changing – it’s honestly given me my life back. I’m now exercising regularly – I used to be in so much pain on a daily basis that I couldn’t do much of anything. My experience with CBD has opened many of my more skeptical friends eyes to its use. I do recommend doing research about the source from where you are getting it. Since I have a med card, I know what I get is highly regulated.

Another thing that has come up frequently are Brazilian waxes. I have never had one, but many of my friends swear by them for the summer months. I’m honestly too scared to go for many reasons. hah


I’m a huge menstrual cup lover too! I hated bleeding onto my sheets at least one time every freaking period (SO DUMB) so they have been a godsend for me!

Lauren Parent

Carly, (sharing my experience with CBD)

I am so excited to hear you are chatting with your friends about CBD! I take CBD soft gels every day and I love the benefits! What are the benefits for me? The feeling of being clear-minded and calm.

I do not have any health issues or diagnoses, but I do have very mild anxiety at times. Even when I am not experiencing anxiety I find myself wishing I could be more ‘clear headed’. As I started searching for healthy supplements that were natural, nutrient rich, and good for my mind and body, I couldn’t find anything comparable to CBD.

I was skeptical at first to try CBD, but after researching reputable companies and products I want to try I purchased soft gels from a company called Plus CBD Oil. They have fantastic reviews and there are a lot of great YouTube videos with customers raving about the products. The company has a wonderful website that, in my opinion, is very transparent and honest with customers about the benefits of CBD and how their products are better than others.

My tip for you: as you are finding CBD products that work best for you, ‘start low and slow’ with the strength of the product. If someone has a lot of body pain they can use the stronger products, but if you’re looking for general mind and body benefits use the lower mg products. I purchase the 10mg softgel capsules. A lot of people say the oil drops and the raw drops taste terrible, so I opted for the softgels because they don’t have a taste and work very quickly. I was delighted to learn that my local co-op sold this product in store and when I was making my first purchase she said a lot of her customers say the soft gels kick in faster than the oil capsules this company sells.

I hope this helps!


A Girl, A Style

Loved this post, Carly! I’ve literally been talking about all the same things with my friends. A blog friend and I (before the announcement) were saying what a dream it would be for likes to be invisible, because it’s really been taking it’s toll on my confidence and that of a lot of my industry friends, and separately I had to have a tough conversation with a friend last week (because I felt the give and take in our friendship had gone totally off-balance) so it’s so nice to know this is a normal thing to discuss! And I keep wanting to go off the pill but I dread the thought of having a period (it’s been about 8 years since I had one!) so your post on that definitely gave me something to think about.

I love that you’re always so open and honest about random and difficult stuff, as well as the pretty things!

Briony xox


I loved Brene Brown special on Netflix. I’m on the fence with CBD anything right now because of the amount of people still incarcerated for this product. I can only get behind a company who acknowledge that and try to make a difference.

Ok I will look into menstrual cups. I didn’t pay much attention to the instagram likes convo but I think it might be a good thing. Not sure yet.



Hi! I remember reading your post somewhere about switching the brand of menstrual cups. Could you link it? I am super interested in making the switch.


Oh my gosh, I didn’t know about the Instagram likes! I would love it if the like didn’t show. Also number of followers. I fall into the trap often of comparing myself to others in my niche. It’s so frustrating!

Kristen Woolsey

Love the inspiration behind this post! My favorite blogs to read are the ones that feel like I am talking to a friend.
I’m particularly interested in the idea of Instagram not showing likes. That would change everything!


Did you ever end up moving from your apartment? I know you said there were many problems there.


Great post! I must live under a rock (or just in my mid forties😂) so I have no idea what a menstrual cup even is! But will be checking it out for my daughter! As for CBD oil, I am also on the fence about it, But, I am a user and wellness advocate for doTERRA essential oils and we have Copaiba oil and Softgels, which in my opinion is far superior than CBD oil as it does not interact with the brain receptors responsible for pyschoactive side effects. Check out my FB or Instagram @healthyself.healthyhome and let me know what you think!! I’d love to connect!


I find your conversations to be very interesting. I am about 20 years older than you. I recently had a conversation with a friend about CBD oil. It seems to be popping up everywhere and in everything lately. She was into trying it in a cream for some pain she was having. Personally, I am against it. My husband has fought the drug war on the federal level for over 30 years. I am anti-anything marijuana based or that promotes that industry. I’ve heard too many stories about other things these products can be laced with, and there is virtually no regulation when it comes to these products. I also found it interesting that Instagram may do away with the number of likes.


Hi Amy
I’m with Carly in the neutral camp (doesn’t affect me one way or the other) on CBD oil, but I’m curious if you would be against everything marijuana related if it were regulated on a federal level? What if, instead of a war on drugs, marijuana became a medical substance?
I live in the PNW and hear a lot from one side of the discussion. I am curious to hear opinions from the other end.


I’m curious about this too. I’m confused about how the fact that it’s unregulated and could be laced with anything would lead you to be against a whole industry. I don’t personally smoke, but I’m very pro regulation and legalization. There are easy pathways to ensure that things *aren’t* laced with anything if we regulate the industry. We already have regulated and promoted far more dangerous products like opioids, which could be replaced with marijuana far more safely in a lot of situations.

Aislinn Santoyo

I absolutely loved this post! I have two main groups of friends, one of the groups is in full baby boom, and the other is in full career mode. But even with these two groups being in different stages of life, I love the conversations that we have. One topic that keeps coming up is mental health, for the mom’s its a lot about finding time for yourself and for my other group is about the pressures from society to be wives and moms. I mostly find inspiration from each other as we try to find what works for each of us, without judgment, just a big group of women trying to figure things out. I am all for no likes on Instagram, I am personally on a social media break for 30 days because I hate how time-consuming it can become. I think I will seriously reduce the number of people I follow when I go back if I go back. And I am all for trying a menstrual cup, just ordered some. And finally, I am totally clueless about CBD oil, but now that you mention I will look into it to see the benefits for anxiety. I feel like maybe this type of post should be a regular, like on my radar!
Happy Thursday!

Abigail Gray

Brene Brown’s Netflix special has been a conversation among my friends, too! I highly recommend her books – Daring Greatly in particular is one of the most influential books I’ve ever read. I love listening to them in audio format because she reads them all herself and I love her voice and inflection!


I’ve been trying to have a really difficult conversation with my roommate for months, but I haven’t been able to approach her. It’s been hard, because I think of my pent up feelings on the issue as being very antagonistic of her, but I really liked your point. I love her and she can be an amazing friend, which makes the ugly stuff so hard!! If I didn’t care about how she felt, I would’ve said something months ago. Did you ever have roommate issues in your early 20s? If so, how did you deal with them?


I think the Instagram topic is really interesting. I don’t know how I feel about it. On one hand, I think it’s wonderful from a mental health perspective and TOTALLY agree that people put too much stock in the number of “likes” they get. On the other hand, it seems to me, that’s one of the big selling points of Instagram and what makes it slightly different from say, Pinterest. I suppose Instagram would still have comments and not the link to the source because it’s more true photography….hmm. I’m not sure. It also brings up the whole “engagement” in the Influencer space, right? I’m not an influencer, but just listening and reading enough stuff, it sounds like brands focus on likes, comments, and the ratio of those two things to determine who to work with. Obviously if likes went away, they’d have to determine it based on something else, but just very interesting to think about and the every changing landscape that is social media! Definitely an interesting topic though and I’ll be curious to see where they go with that!


Literally was just talking to my friend about having tough conversations! She was trying to figure out whether or not to bring something up that was bothering her regarding a close friend or whether she should just overlook it. Your advice is exactly what I told her. The fact that you want to bring it up says a lot about the relationship. Whether the conversation goes well or not, it is worth it to bring it. No one has time for a half-ass friendship!


I 100% agree about your thought on Instagram removing likes. I am a millennial so it completely consumes some of my friends. I have a friend that will text me “I posted a new picture, go like it.” I am not a really social media person but the decision to remove likes from Instagram make me more of one. There is just too much pressure behind the likes. Also, being an avid reader of blogs and not being that into Instagram, I love that influencers would be able to focus more on the content they put out on their blogs vs. Instagram.

Carolyn Barry

Conversations about the Pay Gap! and how to insist on pay equity at work! Making an effort to be more transparent about money is HUGE.

Kim Swales

I recently tried CBD oil (for chronic migraines and mild anxiety). Lots of my clients/patients use it. I work closely with my patients and a psychiatrist and know the brands that are reputable BUT the one I tried was based in MCT oil (from coconut) and it killed my stomach. MCT can be rough on the stomach. Anther doctor I work with recommended a different brand that uses a different carrier oil and I hope to try it. I did not notice a reduction in my migraines but I probably did not stick with it long enough as I had the stomach issues. Many of my patients have used it for anxiety with great results. But choosing the right one is vital. Message me if you want me to chat the brands I know are good.


Ok, so I’m kind of a priss about pot. It’s legal in my state, and I’ve smoked a handful of times at parties, but I’ve never really loved it. I know in my head smoking a little at night after work isn’t that different from drinking a glass of wine, but I just can’t get past the association of smelly college dorm rooms and burnouts living in their parents basement when I think of smoking on weeknights. I KNOW how stupid that is… I think any substance can be used safely or abused, be it pot or wine or Xanax etc.

All that being said… I’ve been using CBD oil for my anxiety and I LOVE it. It doesn’t make me feel high at all. It calms me in a similar way to prescription anxiety meds my doctor has given me, but without some of the awful side effects, like weight gain and withdrawals. Not all CBD oil is created equal, you have to get really quality stuff. But if you suffer with anxiety, I really recommend trying it. It’s helped a lot with my physical symptoms, like grinding my teeth at night.


Teenagers with depression and suicide attempts related to social media is a HUGE problem and instagram should recognize the problems it’s young followers are facing. So, I agree, remove the likes and get our teenage girls to focus on other things!

Maria M

Carly! I couldn’t agree more with your opinion on Instagram likes. I think it is so refreshing that you are an influencer and are for this. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I too believe it will do so much good in this world. Loved this post! Thank you for sharing! 🙂


I love this post so much! Love that you always write as if writing to a friend-definitely feels that way! I’ve been talking to so many people about buying houses v. renting, the cost of living, as well as finding friends and making connections in your twenties. Who knew there would be so many heavy topics once you got older?

supal // @chevronseclairs

Thanks for pointing out the tough conversations! It shows that you’re invested in a friendship and straight up being an adult if you’re able to do that. Unfortunately, I’ve recently experienced the opposite, which is people staying quiet and passive aggressive. Didn’t realize that being able to talk things out and something people discuss.

chevrons & éclairs


Hi Carly,
I just listened to ‘Today Explained’ podcast by Vox called, “CBD? TBD.”
I highly recommend it! It gets into the research (or lack there-of) on the oil that has piqued your interest.