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Happy Friday, friends! I had to take it easy earlier this week with a pinched nerve. Luckily it happened over the weekend so I just gave myself permission to lay as low as possible. After 24 hours of immobilization and a trip to the chiropractor, I feel 100% better already. (That said, I’m trying to train myself to sleep on my back to help prevent this from happening again and I’m struggling– I’m usually a stomach sleeper… has anyone successfully done this?! Send tips, please!!!)

Before I went into the post, I had to share a photo of the dogs this week. Ham and Ted have always gotten along but kind of kept their distance for the most part, but they’ve been so much closer lately. It melts my heart to see them curled up on the couch together or buddying up like below.


Okay here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // How I Made $250k to Pay for College

Do you guys remember Emma Johnson? Well, she graduated college!!! It’s crazy to think it’s been so long since I first met her and she’s just been killing it. She just wrote a great piece for Refinery29 about how her side hustle paid for her college education! So proud of her!!

TWO // Rainbow Hairpins

I’ve been all about my pearl bobby pins lately. It seems like every day a new must-have hair accessory hits the internet. The one catching my eye the most right now? These rainbow pins!

THREE // Let’s Hear It For the Average Child

This article title is a little bit of a misnomer. I thought it was going to be an article celebrating mediocracy– but it’s actually the opposite! It’s such a beautiful article and, while it’s technically about students, I’d say it’s universally applicable for people of all ages. There is more to life than perfect grades and being exceptionally gifted at something. I sent this to about twenty people and everyone agreed that it was beautiful.

FOUR // Monogrammed Phone Accessories

The Daily Edited keeps coming out with great products. I gave up my pop socket when I switched to a monogrammed phone case, but now you can have both. I love the strap and the pop socket. So brilliant!!!!

FIVE // Baby Meets Fawn

If you haven’t seen this video yet, take the two minutes to watch. It’s unbelievable. This fawn comes right up to this baby and it’s straight out of a Disney movie.

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That New York Times article really hit me in the feels. I wish I could share it with every child, teenager, student, and even adult who feels inadequate or “less than” at times. Thank you so much for sharing.


If you are going to try and train yourself to sleep differently, train yourself to sleep on your left side because if you ever get pregnant, eventually you won’t be able to sleep on your back and you will be sad like I am right now. haha


My husband was a stomach sleeper for a while and was having back problems because of it. He went to chiropractor who recommended putting pillows under his legs when he slept. It’s apparently harder for you to turn to your stomach that way because it would be such an unnatural position. He still occasionally will kick the pillows down and turn to his stomach, but only occasionally. Hope that helps!


Best advice for sleeping on your back is to invest in a good down pillow for back sleepers and put a pillow under your knees. It feels strange at first but let me tell you it’s heavenly once you get used to it. Eventually you won’t need the second pillow.


Oh man that NY times article made me cry! Such an important message, and I felt it SO deeply since I have spent so much of my life feeling like I was never excelling at all the things the world made me feel like I had to be excelling at.
A great reminder that we all have our gifts and the world would be lacking without each unique thing that we have to give.

Brittany Hood

I was a stomach sleeper, but I bought an ergonomic pillow and it has helped me transition to being a back sleeper. It also aligns my neck so it stays in line with the rest of my spine.


“Let’s Hear It For the Average Child” gave me chills, it is so beautifully and simply written. Thanks for sharing!


I trained myself to sleep on my back years ago because someone I looked up to told me it was so much better for your skin and your hair. I didn’t question it at the time and ended up loving it, but years later I looked into it and it’s actually true that sleeping on your back is better for avoiding wrinkles and it helps avoid hair breakage. I guess you’re less likely to move about when you sleep on your back.

Anyway – tips on how to actually enjoy it. I used to lay on my back and then focus on each part of my body, usually starting with my feet and working my way up. I would focus on how comfortable that part felt, and if it wasn’t I would shift/adjust before moving on to the next part. I’d fall asleep within minutes before I even got half way done usually. Eventually, I only felt comfortable on my back, every other position felt too twisted and I could feel my muscles tightening. Training myself to sleep on my side while pregnant was honestly horrible lol.

Also, just because you’re on your back doesn’t mean your arms and legs need to be straight. I often find myself bending one leg a bit and placing a hand on my stomach, so find a position that works for you!


Hey! To train myself into a back sleeper, I found it really helpful to sleep with an extra pillow under the backs of my knees elevating them. I also put stuffed animals of weird shapes on either side of my body, in hopes that rolling onto them (and onto my side) would wake me up enough to get back to where I was meant to be. My husband thought it was hilarious!

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