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What a week! I’ve really thrown myself into various things around town to feel more “at home.” This week alone, I went to a tennis clinic with a friend, tried out a new book club, went into the city yesterday with a friend for a shopping event and dinner, and tonight I have a French lesson. While I’m “busy,” it’s the very best kind. Maybe a better way of putting it is that my cup is FULL right now and I am honestly just so happy. Last year was really important for Mike and me to live together for the first time, but we weathered a pretty crummy apartment for a year. While I’m glad that’s behind us (and Mike would agree, ha), it is making this house and this neighborhood that much more special.


Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Shopbop’s Sale Ends Tonight!

There’s still time to shop Shopbop’s sale. Use code STOCKUP19 for 20% off orders up to $500 and 25% off orders of $500+. While there are some exclusions, many of my favorite brands are included. I find this is a great time to “splurge” on pieces I’ve had my eye on or stock up on old favorites. My fave cap-toe pumps are included as is the splurge-worthy Ulla Johnson collection.

TWO // Cinderella’s Glass ARM

How brilliant is this Cinderella costume? Mandy Pursley, an arm amputee, created this incredible costume. Instead of Cinderella having a glass slipper she has a glass arm prosthetic. The photos are just as great as the costume itself!!

THREE // Tuckernuck’s Eaton Top

This is hands down the best Tuckernuck design they’ve done yet. I bought it in the sage first and loved it so much that I immediately ordered the remaining two colors. The seams are super flattering and it hangs so perfectly! 10/10 recommend.

FOUR // Chic Colorado Chalet

I can’t get over this entire house. From the kitchen to the gingham touches throughout to the cozy nooks and crannies for beds, everything is so cozy and chic.

FIVE // Pictionary Air

My mom sent me a text about seeing a commercial for this new version of Pictionary. I love any kind of game and this seems like such a fun “upgrade” to the classic. Instead of drawing on a board, you draw in the air with a pen which screencasts to a phone or TV. Mike’s family is always down for a game too so I promptly ordered it for a game day/barbecue we’re doing this weekend. (We’re all putting in money and then whoever wins the most games– cornhole, spike ball, etc– wins it all and donates to the charity of their choice!)

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I don’t mean this to sound rude, but I wish I were your kind of busy. Most 30 year olds aren’t that lucky. They have regular full time jobs, sometimes part time jobs, possibly a marriage and/or kids. I wish my life only consisted of tennis lessons, French lessons, needlepoint, decorating my house, etc.


It’s the VERY best kind of busy! But these are all after-work things anyway– they’re totally available for anyone who wants to go. The tennis clinic is at 6:30 with a group of men/women, the book club ended up being like 25+ (working) women getting together at someone’s house, and the French lesson is with a reader after she leaves work.

I only say this because these are things that I’ve prioritized (activity, community, continued learning) in my life! And they don’t even have to involve money– public tennis courts, my book club “admission” was dessert, and there are apps like Duolingo where you can learn a new language on your own time for free!


French lessons sound amazing!! I will be curious to know how it goes/how you found somewhere for lessons! I am also try to learn the language! Happy Friday, Carly!

xx Libby