Our Kitchen Island with Serena & Lily

This post is in collaboration with Serena & Lily

When Mike and I were searching for our home, having a great kitchen was pretty important to us. Mike loves to cook and entertain (and he’s rubbed off on me– now I love it too!) and every time we toured a new house, we’d dream up how it would be to have a house full of people over for a fancy party, a low-key dinner, or a family get together. I wasn’t super keen on doing a kitchen renovation, so we were hoping for a turn-key one and (!!!) we found the perfect one for us!

After sharing photos of our house, a reader sent me a congratulatory email and mentioned that “life happens at the kitchen island” and I couldn’t agree more! Mike and I eat dinner there, I work there during the day*, our friends gather there for dinner. It’s kind of the “heart” of our house.

* (I’m actually writing this post right now at the island!)

We spend so much time in our kitchen. And even though we have a dining room, everyone always ends up gathering around the island. We once had all of his siblings over for an impromptu dinner (everyone making their own stop on the way home to pick up drinks, food, appetizers, and desserts at various markets). Could we have set up the dining room table or even the outdoor patio? Yes. But we all naturally ended up at the island, the spread piled high on cutting boards, for hours.

The Serena & Lily stools were the very first things I ordered for the house. I had longingly pinned photos of them and saved ‘grams of them over the years, waiting until I was in a house to buy my own set!! It felt GLORIOUS to open the boxes (they shipped in their own boxes, completely assembled) and set them up right away.

Serena and Lily Bar Stools

Serena & Lily carry a range of bar and counter stools (and even kitchen chairs if you don’t have a countertop). I had a hard time choosing which style to go with, but ultimately decided on the Riveria (which I think is the most popular style) in the sunwashed natural colorway.

With coated, durable rattan mixed with a classic shape, the bar stools are a fresh take on casual dining.

Serena and Lily

Serena and Lily Tray

Serena and Lily Breakfast    Serena and Lily Sunwashed Riviera Counter Stool

Bar Stools // Napkins (c/o) // Rattan Tray (c/o)

Thank you Serena & Lily for partnering on this post!

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I’ve had my eye on those stools for a long time too! They unfortunately only make the natural color for the counter stool height, not the barstool height (which is what I need for my island). Can you maybe mention to Serena & Lily that I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the natural Sunwashed Riviera bar stools will be available someday? 😉
I love your kitchen and the stools really look great with the island, white kitchen and dark floors!


Your kitchen is exactly what I’m hoping to find when we start house hunting in the future! I feel like the chairs add a perfect punch of personality for the space.

Brigid Devney-Rye

Beautiful! I love that tray. I never know how to set things up for entertaining and that’s perfect! You are so talented.

Taylor Steinmeyer

I love those stools so much! Like you, I’ve been lusting over Serena & Lily stools for years as I patiently wait for our dream kitchen one day. Your entire kitchen is coming together beautifully. So exciting!


Is your kitchen chandelier hard to keep clean? I just ordered something kind of similar, and I’m so afraid it’s just going to constantly show dust and drive me nuts!


I love the colorway that you chose! I have seen those counter stools EVERYWHERE in the blue and white and I love that yours are the same style, but slightly different because of the colors.
Also randomly, in your island…the silver metal thing. Is that your microwave? We’ve been considering moving ours to the island and yours looks awesome there!! Thanks!


This post made me a little teary-eyed thinking about how many good memories I have around the kitchen island. Mine, my mom’s, my friends’. Everyone is family when it comes to food, and I’ve had some of the deepest, most impactful conversations of my life at the kitchen island with my besties. <3

Kimberlie Quick

I am building a home and would love to know your kitchen island color as well.