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Okay, hands down, the major highlight from this week was Sunday. Mike’s family is so much fun– we celebrated his older sister’s birthday with good ol’ fashioned fun and games. Sack races, bobbing for apples, and velcro ball tosses. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Things, naturally, got competitive, and I was so soaked from bobbing for apples that I had to go home in his brother-in-law’s sweats! Highly recommend doing this as a fall activity.

Apple Bobbing

I came up for air only to find out I had lost the round hahaha! This is totally a “reality” portion of an expectation of bobbing for apples (like a cute, civilized fall activity!) vs. reality (plunging your head into freezing water for ten minutes).

Here’s what has been on my radar this week.

ONE // Gluten-Free Apple Blondies

I made these gluten-free apple blondies this weekend with some of the apples I picked last Saturday. I found the recipe on Pinterest. Which, you know, can either be widely successful or a complete and utter disaster. This was a HUGE HIT. I would 100% make these again. I didn’t have the right size pan so I made them in a muffin tin– which was actually kind of perfect for serving at a party. I just watched them a little more closely as they baked and added on time until a toothpick came out cleanly. The maple glaze on top was especially a crowd-pleaser.

TWO // Table Linens

These are some of the most gorgeous table linens. I love the tablecloths and the napkins so much. You can mix and match for different combinations. I wish the tablecloths came in circular sizes for our dining table! Will settle for some fun napkins though. Perfect for a gorgeous dinner party!!

THREE // InstaNovels

The NY Public Library has Instagram Stories containing classic novels. YEP! Talk about a novel way (😉) to utilize social media. They started it last summer, so it’s not “new” news, but a friend just sent it to me and I thought it was too cool to not share.

FOUR // Turban Headband

Finally! A turban headband that I like. Not going to lie, I haven’t been super into the turban headband trend lately. So many of them are super thick. (All I can think about is that one judge on the Food Network who wears the headbands!) I like a good headband though, and J. Crew’s has the style of the turban without the extra height.

FIVE // City Hall Wedding Look

Reading Over the Moon’s wedding blog is one of my guilty pleasures even though I don’t really want a big “real” wedding and would prefer to do a simple city hall situation. I absolutely loved this bride’s last-minute ponytail + black satin ribbon for their city hall wedding before their bigger ceremony/reception. Fun inspo!

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Georgetown AF

I see you’ve finally decided to run your posts through Grammarly – gold star for today! You just posted about habits and consistency; methinks you might want to schedule spellcheck in between BBG and needlepoint 🙂


Two thumbs up for the low key nuptials!

We had a “traditional” wedding, and while it was a lot of fun, in retrospect, something smaller and more intimate would have really been more “me”.

The English Teacher

Georgetown AF,
Please watch your diction and tone! Unless, sadly, that is your voice.

Just a thought…..”methinks” you are desperately trying “to be” a writer, even to the extent of trying to create a blog within another bloggers comments. Even Queen Gertrude could spot it a mile away! From now on, any comments you make under this name or any of the pseudonyms that carry your voice will be viewed by this reader, and I’m sure others as well, as a pathetic attempt “to be known.” Methinks the commenter doth protest too much. If only Freud could see your comments. What a field day he would have!

Georgetown AF

Lol no blog dreams here, I have a real job ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also, your comment is blathering so I stopped reading halfway through.


Your real job must suck if you’ve resorted to cyber bullying to make yourself feel better. Get a life. I agree that Carly’s blog would benefit from her hiring an editor, but your over-the-top snark just makes you appear jealous and miserable. Learn to give constructive criticism or go back to GOMI.

The English Teacher

Georgetown AF,

Too deep for ya, eh? A true lover of language and literature gets the references.

Audrey Roberts

Hi Carly! I am so happy that you and everyone at the party enjoyed the gluten-free apple blondies! I’ve never tried baking them in a muffin tin and I am glad that they turned out great. I bet my kids would love them that way, I’m going to have to try it. Thank you so much for sharing my recipe. It really made my day!


I’m dying at Kerry Vincent being the OG of statement headbands 😂 I haven’t watched Cake Wars in forever, might have to see if it’s available for streaming.

The only extra voluminous headband I like is the red braided one by Lele Sadoughi (probably misspelled) because it has a really cool Frieda Kahlo vibe that seems intentional.


LOL on Kerry Vincent!!! So true!!! I can’t handle the huge voluminous headbands either. Even some of the big ol’ knots on turban style headbands kill me.

That wedding is dreamy!! Love how elegant and classic a courthouse wedding can be!