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Halfway through November– what!!!! How! I’ve been on the fence whether to jump into holiday decorating or to wait until after Thanksgiving. But I just don’t know if I can wait that long! I’ve been accumulating some decorations in the trunk of my car to try to resist putting everything up. But I just don’t think I can hold out any longer.

Last weekend we had our first fire in our fireplace and it feels like we’re “officially” homeowners now. It was kind of like a christening of sorts. And it totally had me itching for at least a few holiday touches in the room. And in the vein, we’ve been missing the loveseat for the living room. I ordered it months ago and it was backordered so I started to lose hope that it would be here in time for Christmas. (Why this was so important to me? Not sure but I had my heart set on it.) I just got the call that it’s being delivered on Tuesday!!!!! I am thrilled.

Cocktail Napkins

Another shot of my little cocktail napkins! I gave them to their intended recipient this week and she LOVED them. Made my heart happy.

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Wicker Tree Collar

I bought two of these tree collars because I’m totally planning on having multiple trees this year, ha. I did an in-store pickup and swung by the mall on my way to French lessons and think they look even better than they do online. Gorgeous really.

TWO // Why Millennials Are Trading Their Cell Phones for Needlepoint

Last month I did a phone interview with a journalist about needlepointing. Based on the questions, I thought it was going to be a different kind of piece and that I would maybe get a quote or two in there. It went live this week and it was more than one quote. Such a fun thing to be a part of– tons of you guys were sharing screenshots of friends sharing the piece on FB!

THREE // Rollneck Sweater in Fair Isle

J. Crew’s rollneck sweater is iconic and I’m so glad they recently brought it back. I just noticed that they are now making it in a fair isle print as well. I have enough fair isle to last a lifetime, but sharing here just in case you’re in the market.

FOUR // Needle Minder Process

I love when people share “insider knowledge.” Even if it’s about something that I don’t know too much about, I find it fascinating and love to learn more. Morgan Julia Designs recently shared the behind the scenes of her ginger jar needle minders. It’s so interesting to see the process from idea to fruition.

FIVE // Narwhal Puppy

Have you seen this narwhal puppy yet?! He was born with an extra tail growing on his forehead making him resemble a narwhal. He couldn’t be cuter and I love how unique and special he is.

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Just waiting to see you creating a needlepoint Christmas stocking! There are some amazing designs out there! Going to my first Stitch Club on Sunday (Lake Forest, IL) – wouldn’t have found it without you! Thanks so much 🙂


AHH! NARWHAL! I saw this earlier this week and literally cried I thought he was so cute! Glad even more folks can enjoy 🙂