On My Radar

This week was a blast! After a regular Monday (and spending the entire weekend getting ready), I had a two-day video shoot in my house with Refinery29. I was excited when I got casted for it but really didn’t understand the full scope of the project until they showed up on Tuesday morning. I was upstairs getting my hair and makeup done when the majority of people came… so when I went downstairs, I was shocked to see, like, 20+ people. People were coming out of every room and at one point, the basement seemed like a clown car. People kept filing out!! It was SO fun.  The dogs were the stars of the whole thing and on Thursday morning, the house seemed so quiet with no one here!! I can’t wait to show you the final result. It reminded me how much I like being on camera and doing things like that.

Hair and Makeup

Please note Teddy’s little paw on my leg.

Okay, here’s what was on my radar this week. I wasn’t on my computer too much so it’s a kind of a fluffy roundup this week. 😉

ONE // Buckled Shirtdress

I am loving everything Ralph Lauren this season. I walked by their window display recently and felt like everything was super classic. Beautiful, classic silhouettes and lots of blues and navys. This belted shirtdress might have to make its way into my closet later this spring when I’m back to buying clothes again.

TWO // Lizzo ft. Harry Styles

Harry Styles recently came on stage with Lizzo and it’s the duo I didn’t know I needed. IT IS EVERYTHING. They look like they’re having so, so much fun up on stage. I don’t love concerts, but I’d sign up for a full concert with the two of them!!

THREE // IVL’s Scalloped Workout Clothes

Now that I’ve switched to doing more barre-type classes for my workouts, what I choose to workout in has completely changed. I feel most comfortable in high waisted leggings with some kind of cropped top (sports bra like or nice and flowy). IVL’s scalloped collection fits the bill! Everything is super girly and sweet and while I usually shy away from too much color, I’m super into that red!

FOUR // Monogrammed Clipboard

Anyone else love a good clipboard?? I haven’t used one in years, but now seeing these I’m thinking I need one again. I love the shadow print lettering. Could be a fun gift, too, if you know someone who uses a clipboard a lot for work!!

FIVE // Anna Wintour Interview

This is a fun interview with Anna Wintour where she answer’s Vogue reader’s questions about various topics. She shares everything from movies to see, books she’s reading next, and the best gifts she’s ever received. It’s a great interview where she feels a little less robotic than she often comes across.

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