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Another week in the books. I’ve lost all sense of time, even during the day. Some days feel like three or four in one and others seem to go by in a blink. One thing that I’ve been enjoying though? Having extra long, no rushed mornings. I usually love to be productive in the morning, but with nowhere to be and much less work to do? I’m just taking them slower. (I’m actually writing this at 8:30 am on Thursday, but I’m in pajamas still and I brought my coffee upstairs with me– it does feel nice to not feel rushed. And it’ll be nice to have this blog post checked off my to-do list before 10!)

The absolute highlight of my week though was doing an Instagram Live with Grace on Wednesday night. Instagram, of course, was down when we were trying to start but once we got going, we had SO much fun. I loved that we were able to really connect with a lot of you guys and we were on such a roll we ended up doing it for close to two hours. Grace and I definitely want to do it again– so stay tuned!!

Shirt & Jeans

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // 4-Ingredient Reese’s Eggs

love Reese’s Eggs. I always have a package or two in the fridge during the month of April, though this year is probably going to be the first year where I don’t have even one because Mike and I are not going into grocery stores! I may have to try my hand at making a homemade one, like these vegan options from Ambitious Kitchen.

TWO // Grandmillenial Style

I’ve put all house-decorating on hold right now, but I can’t wait until I can get people in the house again to do custom drapes/window treatments, hang some wallpaper, add new lighting. The house is completely liveable which is great, but almost every room could use a bit more love. I’ve been so into everything “grandmillenial” haha!!

THREE // Smocked Ruffle Top

This was one of my favorite purchases from last year. It’s an uber comfortable, super cute and flirty little top. I was surprised to see it back in stock and it’s marked down quite a bit. Could be something fun to “tuck away” for later. Here’s how I wore it last spring!

FOUR // 20 New Things to Try

Looking to master something or try your hand at a new hobby? Meghan asked a bunch of her friends for what skills they’ve learned over the years– tons of things to keep you busy!

FIVE // Hilary Duff’s Makeup Routine

Admittedly, I’m not the best at makeup and I don’t spend more than five minutes doing mine (that is when I wear makeup), but man do I love watching other people’s routines!! I loved this video of Hilary Duff’s routine… she is so good at it!!! I legitimately learned a few great tips from it.

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Carly, I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading your blog every morning for a long time, but maybe even more so now, I am enjoying your posts and outlook. I just wanted to say when you started posting about needlepoint I was interested, but didn’t really have time. Well, I have been influenced by EVERYONE needle pointing, and ordered my first canvas, one of the Sara Fitz designs ones. I will definitely be watching your video to get started!

Rachel S.

I am a grandmilennial to a T and had no idea that there was a name for it! Holy crap, mind blown.


How are you guys getting groceries? Maybe an entire post might be interesting to read!


hello i am mike from germany. I’ve been following your blog for a while. always find him great and like the pictures and reports. what I noticed is that you never wear socks, even in winter. do you have a heating on the feet :)? ?keep it up! greeting mike


I rarely wear makeup but love watching makeup videos on YouTube! Guilty pleasure. 🤪